Merchant Refund 'Technical Issue' (Resolved)

Great news @edmeng, I’m glad at least someone is slowly seeing progress.

This really must be a mess, especially if you’re only seeing partial resolution!

I’ve escalated to Chat and just waiting for the Live Agent to respond.

Same here. Waiting for 2 refunds since 22nd April while i used to receive them in 1 business day.

My refunds just appeared in my account with a transaction date of 23rd April.

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Well sadly NO Refund for me today. really depressing slowly.

I have the simmilar issue.
I am waiting for 2 refunds for over 600 Euro since 22 April and to this time nothing.

I spoke with support 3 times.
First time they said that it would be processed in next 24 hours - nothing. Second time in few hours - still nothing. Last time they said that it is had been already processed and I had to wait another hours but also nothing…

What is going on?

I have just updated my initial post, with information I was told today, it’s not any more informative and is not good news.

This really is a mess.

I think that there is no other possibility than just wait.
Support cannot process these refunds manually.

Agreed @Dawiwu, however in the meantime I have a supervisor on Chat, looking to identify all 10 of my refunds; if I’m going to be waiting this length of time, then I at least want the assurance that the refunds are on there way.

I’ll keep this thread updated and encourage anyone with updates to there refunds to post, just so we can see the progress and hopefully get rid of some of this anxiety we’re all experiencing.

Another update (as updated in my original message) - Wednesday 2nd May or Thursday 3rd May is when “…the process should be finished…”

Also waiting for some refund here… :sweat_smile:

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Welcome to the club @Juliopp :slight_smile:

Do let us know when your refunds come through and have a great weekend

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@williamtcforsyth You mean 2nd May?

Yup @Dawiwu, sorry - correction made!

As per my update - I have just received 3-10 refunds, I am expecting. The refunds I received are the first tranche, that were due to hit my account on 23rd April.

Here are two observations on these incoming refunds, as an FYI to those who are, like me, are still waiting for refunds -

  • Date stamp - although received today (they actually arrived yesterday / late on Friday 27th April), the date stamp is Monday 23rd April - presumably when they should have credited.
  • No iPhone notification - for those with iPhones, I did not receive an incoming refund notification, like I normally do on my iPhone and / or AppleWatch. So be sure to actively check your balance and not rely on notifications for confirmation that the refunds are arriving.

Good progress Revolut, but lets get all the outstanding refunds credited and everyone happy

Yeah got also one refund dated April 24th shortly before midnight. One to go nope it will arrive this we lend latest Monday . Good luck to all of us

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I also received refunds to payments.
My problem was solved.

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Good news here too - all my refunds have just hit.

Whilst its a great shame we didn’t here from any of the mods on the forum or anything from Revolut officially, about the issue.

FYI - I’m attending the upcoming Revolut meet-up in London, so perhaps I can speak to someone there to ask if it’s possible for more transparency when issues like this occur; perhaps enhancements to the ‘status’ (page.

Looks like you guys are slowly getting your funds back, that’s great news! :+1:

The lack of notification for this is a bit of a problem though. I have the same issue when doing internal transfers (:r: for business > Revolut)

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How long does it take for the @teamrevolute to credit the pending transaction amount back to the account. I have a transaction that is pending since Sunday. Today is Wednesday and there is no sign of the refund.
Another refund has been initiated by the merchant but I have not yet received in my card.
The total amount is £43.16+£60
Kindly assist as it is a high amount

All my notifications on my iPhone for Revolut are working fine, but why does one not get notification as soon as one receives a refund?