Merchant Refund 'Technical Issue' (Resolved)

For the sake of readability, I’m bulleting my feedback / frustration on a ‘technical’ issue with merchant refunds that have arrived at Revolut, but are delayed in being reflected on customer’s a/c.

Timeline of issue -
(i) I’m expecting 10x refunds (25/04, 26/04 and 27/04), totaling c.£7k
(ii) Merchant previously refunded to my Revolut card (one of my Virtual Cards) without issue.
(iii) 3 refunds due yesterday (25/04 and 4 due today (26/04))
(iv) Spoke to Live Agent who took more than 1hr to investigate. Live Agent explained -

  • “a delay in processing your refunds, however I found them”
  • “…we are monitoring it and it can take aprox. 24hrs until they are assinged to your a/c”
  • “…just a small technical issue, just a temp one. We are working now on it to make sure it won’t happen in the future”

(v) 24hrs passed and no money, so I spoke to another Live Agent, who qouted a timeline of “soon”
(vi) Another c.24hrs passed and again, no refunds reflecting (not even one of them), so again a Live Agent discussion that resulted in a response of “today/tomorrow”, so the resolution ETA once again being pushed out.
(ix) As of 4pm GMT 26/04/2018, still nothing.

Questions for members of this forum and Revolut -
This ongoing issue and general Live Agent experience has provoked me to ask the community (and Revolut) for there opinion on the following -

  • Has anyone had a similar issue? What are your experiences, if so?
  • Why has Revolut not given this issue some exposure on these forums, considering the impact?
  • Are such issues communicated to Live Agents, so that customer messaging is consistent?

UPDATE as of 14:30hrs | 28.04 -
I spoke to a Live Agent earlier today, who again, took over an hour to ‘investigate’ / get an update on this issue. Here are the main takeaways from my conversation with him -

  • The system impacted is responsible for pushing balance updates to customer a/c.
  • There is a backlog, due to the number of refunds affected by the issue.
  • Quoted a timeline of “soon, but unfortunately, I am not able to provide a specific .timeline…I hope you will receive some of your refunds today”.

So there we have it, Revolut seems to be chasing it’s tail and unfortunately still radio silence from all of the moderators on this forum (I sent them all a PM pleading for help). I have filled in a Complaint Form (available here) and would suggest everyone else does, so Revolut knows our frustration.

UPDATE as of 16:00hrs | 27.04 -

I spoke to a supervisor (Valentina, who was incredibly helpful) who has now informed me it will be next Wednesday 2nd or Thursday 3rd May, that the system backlog will be cleared!!

UPDATE as of 00:15hrs | 28.04 -

Good news - I too have now received 3-10 refunds. Interestingly I did not receive a notification on my iPhone and the timestamp for the refunds is backdated to 23rd April (presumably, this is when they arrived and should have been credited, before the tech issue).

Good progress Revolut, but lets get all the outstanding refunds credited and everyone happy

FINAL UPDATE as of 16:30hrs | 01.05

I’m pleased to confirm the following -

  • All my refunds have now been credited (last outstanding actually received on Saturday)

  • Revolut responded to my complaint outlining the following -

    a. Third-party Payment Processor vendor the root cause of the issue
    b. Liaison between Revolut and Payment Processor have taken place, to avoid a repeat issue.
    c. ETAs provided by Revolut were based on the vendor’s input.
    d. Revolut will issue a statement on Community Pages, should this issue (or similar issue) occur.

Thanks for all your input in this thread and hopefully Revolut are more ‘on point’, should a similar issue occur again, in terms of messaging to the Revolut Community.

I have no answer to you about this issue, but kudos for writing a very clear post which isn’t calling :r: a scam, saying they’re the worst, etc etc (as it happens too often here)

Good luck on your refunds, I’m sure they will arrive… I would agree that the Live agents aren’t always the best at replying on point and with good information though.

Thanks @quentinb for the reply.

I’m a huge fan of Revolut and really want it to succeed. Hopefully someone like @AndreasK can chime in on the issue?

Customer Service in Revolut’s industry is paramount to it’s reputation and it’s not quite there yet (although getting better). Me, as a customer, sometimes need to be ‘hand-held’ through issues; knowledge is power!

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Hi, I’m having exactly same issue. Lots of refunds due to arrive and nothing… For me the issue started around the 21st… Since then no refund arrived… I have maybe 10 missing

Myself didn’t bother to ask revolut support as they are overall clueless about lots of stuff. At least I feel relieved that I’m not alone in this issue with missing refunds

Thanks for your message, @edmeng.

What I can tell you is that the latest I heard from a Live Agent, is that (certainly in the case of my refunds), I’ve been promised the refunds in the …“first half of today”.

That insinuates before 12-noon and from experience (and when I get an iPhone notification, when a refund is applied), it’s normally between 7-8am.

Will keep you posted

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Same Problem over here. had 2 refunds last week all been credit after 24 hours.
this monday and tuesday 2 refunds i am still waiting for. first was told it can take up to 5 working days and today support told me the have technical problem but things should reflect today in my account. i really hope thats true since the amounts are high 3 digits :wink:

can wait to read if you got it today as well.



OK so I just received today a refund that should have arrived on the 22nd. So I’m guessing they have a backlog and slowly started sorting it out :slight_smile:

wow good for you i am still patiently waiting :frowning:

Great news @edmeng, I’m glad at least someone is slowly seeing progress.

This really must be a mess, especially if you’re only seeing partial resolution!

I’ve escalated to Chat and just waiting for the Live Agent to respond.

Same here. Waiting for 2 refunds since 22nd April while i used to receive them in 1 business day.

My refunds just appeared in my account with a transaction date of 23rd April.

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Well sadly NO Refund for me today. really depressing slowly.

I have the simmilar issue.
I am waiting for 2 refunds for over 600 Euro since 22 April and to this time nothing.

I spoke with support 3 times.
First time they said that it would be processed in next 24 hours - nothing. Second time in few hours - still nothing. Last time they said that it is had been already processed and I had to wait another hours but also nothing…

What is going on?

I have just updated my initial post, with information I was told today, it’s not any more informative and is not good news.

This really is a mess.

I think that there is no other possibility than just wait.
Support cannot process these refunds manually.

Agreed @Dawiwu, however in the meantime I have a supervisor on Chat, looking to identify all 10 of my refunds; if I’m going to be waiting this length of time, then I at least want the assurance that the refunds are on there way.

I’ll keep this thread updated and encourage anyone with updates to there refunds to post, just so we can see the progress and hopefully get rid of some of this anxiety we’re all experiencing.

Another update (as updated in my original message) - Wednesday 2nd May or Thursday 3rd May is when “…the process should be finished…”

Also waiting for some refund here… :sweat_smile:

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Welcome to the club @Juliopp :slight_smile:

Do let us know when your refunds come through and have a great weekend

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