"Merchant not supported"


Hi! I am trying to purchase some bitcoin on CEX.IO with my virtual revolut card and it says the merchant is not supported. I have been able to make purchase with another bank’s credit card.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here, it used to work but they blocked this merchant. I’m not sure why they did this, but they must have their reasons…

I switched to coinbase, using SEPA transfers.


Hey @ivoseq and @quentinb :slight_smile:

For security purposes, CEX will only allow top-ups from 3DSecure-enabled cards :wink:

Taken from CEX.IO’s blog:

Please note that we accept only 3D-Secure cards.

Source: https://blog.cex.io/cryptonews/buy-bitcoins-credit-card-debit-card-cex-io-13340


3DSecure protects the merchant. In the event of a customer calling the transaction non-authorized, the issuer of the card has to adsorb the cost (presumably by not letting the customer chargeback since the questions should imply they authorized it or were careless with their details). Coin seller obviously insist on this.

Unfortunately Revolut have not yet built infrastructure to support 3DSecure, nor has it been mentioned that it is in progres. More merchants will insist on 3DSecure going forward so I’m hoping Revolut wake up and get the 3DSecure Auth layer built.

Community guides? Any plans on this?


Fair enough.
For some reason I thought 3DS was already working with Revolut, simply not asking for any code and auth was handled by them directly. I’m sure I read that somewhere, but it might have been on a forum, so not a very credible source.

Looking forward to 2018, with banking licence, probably non-prepaid debit cards, and lots of good stuff!


The merchant can specify to their gateway often three things:

  • to try for 3dsecure but proceed if not available (this is when you may see the redirect automatically return to the merchant) - on a low level gateway sometimes this is done by the merchant themselves by refusing to capture
  • to try for 3dsecure but reject if not available (coinbase etc… - chargebacks no thanks)
  • never try for 3dsecure even if available (charities etc… as to not deter non-techie first time users with 3dsecure questions or registration/setup stage if applicable)