Merchant Data Needs Fixing

I’ve noticed merchant data has been improved slightly, some staff are great are fixing it, unfortunately it’s like ‘Russian Roulette’ getting a competent member of staff, why can’t we have a self report system where you could add the twitter handle to fix it ? :person_shrugging: there are so many discrepancies with the basics and am finding it hard to want to use ‘Revolut’ full time due to the analytics being a mess.


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Sorry to hear about your experience. Does this happen very often? If so, what do you believe would be the best approach to fix it?

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It should be an option, to offer the improvement by leaving a link to Twitter on Fb account :nerd_face:

Current picture I see :confused:

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Hi Marianna,

It has improved over the years, but it still is a regular problem. It used to be the case that the merchant name was frequently totally incorrect, that seems to be fixed now (at least I didn’t have an issue with that lately), only the logo is occasionally wrong for me. Interestingly there are cases where you display the correct logo, then a few transactions later an incorrect logo and then a few days later the correct logo again. One example is Glasgow Subway, which you occasionally confuse with the fast food chain.
Personally I don’t understand why we need the merchant logos in the first place, as long as the name is correct, I’m happy. The logos only clutter up the screen without adding any benefit.

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All the time, a lot of the competitors screen for a keyword then convert it to the recognisable brand/merchant name with the logo etc.

I’ve had transactions get logged against the wrong company: IE a telephone bill got screened as a food take away payment from a different company.

There’s on average 3 different merchant entries per merchant as the app keeps screening the transaction name specifically instead of converting it.

I’m having to use an aggregator to keep my Revolut account organised, it’s a tedious thing indeed and foundation which I assume would have been fixed before moving into different products. :eyes:

I would much rather be able to rely on the Revolut app alone without a third party to keep track as at the moment it takes going through 3 agents to fix one transaction and most of the time they can’t get it right.


If you go onto report an issue with that transaction and select in app features that’s how I got mine fixed with the logo.


To fix this, we could do with a report system where you can select the transaction, give url to the business and a section to correct the name, where the consumer can submit it to be reviewed by your staff, that’s what most are doing.


There really shouldn’t be a need for the names to be corrected. The merchant name comes through with the transaction via the Visa or Mastercard Merchant Identifier database. I never had an incorrect merchant name with any of my non-Revolut cards and other banks make do without any feedback systems. Revolut just needs to use the data they get from Visa and Mastercard instead of reinventing the wheel with guesswork.
The only thing they don’t get with the transaction is the logo, and personally I would question the value of having a logo in the transaction data in the first place.

I am UK based user, and don’t have “in app features” :expressionless:, only :arrow_down:

I’m from the UK too! it’s report then chat to us afterwards it should come up with the relevant option.

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