Merchant Account and Business Account Frustrations

Here’s a story for all of you seeking a business account.

I opened my account with Revolut Business back in 2017, I was one of the initial businesses to sign-up and support Revolut. I was paying my £25 monthly fee throughout, even though I wasn’t really using the account much, but this was based on the promise of some wonderful features coming soon™, such as cheaper card processing, and local US bank accounts. I was happy to wait about until these were available.

They just launched the initial batch of merchant accounts, and after submitting my application in excitement, I was reached out a while later asking for more details which I promptly spent time organising and provided, and have just been told a week later in a bulked email we’re not being included.

Loyalty with Revolut means ZERO!

Yes, I do know I’m reacting like a child throwing his toys out of the pram, I know this already, but it is utterly ridiculous that the business product has barely moved on from what it was when we first started, and the fact I’ve supported Revolut and remained loyal despite the turbulence of the recent pricing changes, and such, is the final tether for me.

Okay, this rant felt quite good. I’m going to leave it there, and probably conclude my migration to other providers instead of keeping this ideology that Revolut was going to show me any kind of special recognition for my continued loyalty.

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What a joke! Just had another email from Revolut Business…

James, Revolut Business is evolving

Ooooo, exciting I hear you say :star_struck: !

No. Sadly not. It’s just to let you know that after three years of promises, they are redesigning their logo. That’s exactly the sort of “evolution” I’ve been waiting for from Revolut… a new logo which is essentially the same as the old. ‘’/ Why do I care about your “brand messaging”…?

Evolve with a better product, not branding.

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