Meet Revolut Shopper, our new Chrome browser extension

Hello Community :wave:

We’ve just launched Revolut Shopper, our new Chrome browser extension.

If you love shopping, you’ll love this. It automatically finds you great discounts, plus, get up to 40% cashback with select partners like Apple, Myprotein and Nike*! Pay securely with single-use cards that create a unique card number for every spend.

Add to Chrome with a click:

*T&Cs apply and offer availability differs by country.


Why isn’t it available on Firefox yet? I never understood why company’s always push back the Firefox version. It literally took me less than 10 minutes to port the extension over to Firefox…


Unfortunately it does have a problem - every time you close Chrome you then have to log back into the extension and authenticate with the Revolut app.
Selecting the option to ‘remember this device’ is ineffective.
Good start though, even without cashback or promo card options, the ability to access virtual cards on the desktop is great!

I installed the plugin, logged in an visited Aple Online Shop and put some things into my basket but the plugin never popped up anytime with a cashback!? Why??

Because that probably depends on your country.

Hey @dd17

What you were experincing should have been fixed in the latest update :ok_hand:

Hey @ysujy :wave:

Thanks for your feedback on this. We have been sure to pass this on to the relevant teams to look into :+1:


If I may suggest also allowing support for Safari too?

I believe Safari on Mac also supports extensions, as you can add Honey as one.


With Apples Recent announcement for iOS 15, they are bringing extensions for Safari on iPad and iPhone.

Maybe we can see support for this in the future?