Meet Revolut POS for iPad — making business transactions simple

Hey Community! Are you ready to dive into our new Revolut point of sale (POS)? :drum:

Brace yourself for a transformation in your transaction experience! Revolut POS is the ultimate solution to elevate your business operations and make sales easier. Tailored specifically for cool spots like coffee shops, bakeries, food trucks, bars, restaurants, and stores, Revolut POS is here to shake up how you do your business.

Psst! This awesome feature is currently up for grabs for Revolut Business customers in the UK, Spain, and Ireland.

Unlocking seamless integration :lock:

Revolut POS offers two super-easy interfaces:

  • Web app via Revolut Business: merchants and admins can effortlessly manage everything from the web app. They can track sales, whip up menus, or customise almost every part of your daily ops (like receipts, staff members, and the register, which works through the iPad app) — all from one handy platform.

  • iPad app: this app is perfect for your on-the-go staff who are hustling all day long. They can handle orders, zap through payments, and master floor plans or table setups quickly and easily!

Key features that make a difference :key:

  • Effortless setup: connect your Revolut Business account to the iPad POS almost instantly, getting you up and running in a jiffy

  • Unmatched mobility: say goodbye to old, stationary terminals. With the portable iPad POS, you can accept payments wherever your customers are, giving you the power to serve them from anywhere across the floor

  • Tailored to your needs: customise pricing options and breeze through inventory and staff management — all to make sure the POS system fits your business like a glove

  • Top-notch security: rest easy knowing that every transaction is shielded with top-notch encryption and cutting-edge fraud detection

The advantages are clear…

  • Flexibility: whether you’re rocking a trade show, popping up at events, or impressing clients on-site, the portable magic of Revolut POS makes sure you never miss a chance to make a sale

  • Insights at your fingertips: dive into real-time reporting and juicy analytics to make decisions that boost your business forward

Revolut POS is your secret weapon for turbocharging sales, smoothing out operations, and staying ahead of the pack. Dive in now and witness how Revolut Business is flipping the script on transactions!

If you’re looking for further details about Revolut POS, including setup instructions and compatibility, please visit the FAQs below:

Do you have any questions for us? Feel free to drop them in the comments below :arrow_double_down:

Veda | Community team


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So tap to pay is coming to iPhone?


Hello @Eudes :wave: ,

We get it that you’re on the lookout for the tap to pay option. Rest assured, as soon as we roll out that feature, you’ll be the first to hear about it! :hugs:

SG | Community Team

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