Medical insurance overcharge!!! Geo-location failure!



I have been abroad from 16th FEB till 18th (including) but have been charged for following days as well: 19,20 and twice!!! on 21th! How do I claim my money back?

I have turned the insurance manually off on 21 evening but I think geolocation should have turned it off automaticaly, right??



Use the in app chat to raise your concerns, I am sure they will help :blush:


it’s not chat but useless bot which is net helping at alll.


Have you tried to type live agent?


Hi there. As I can see you enabled the location service on 21st, Wednesday, 7:48PM.


Wait … do I have to enable geo-location for the duration of the trip in order for a claim to be considered? Aren’t airline tickets enough? This is within EU. I flew and stayed at an aparthotel booked by a relative for the whole family (so not in my name).

Edit: I can’t find a geolocation feature in the app (or is it the phone’s geolocation global switch?)


Its phones ge-location feature that needs to be enabled.