Medical insurance overcharge!!! Geo-location failure!


I have been abroad from 16th FEB till 18th (including) but have been charged for following days as well: 19,20 and twice!!! on 21th! How do I claim my money back?

I have turned the insurance manually off on 21 evening but I think geolocation should have turned it off automaticaly, right??


Use the in app chat to raise your concerns, I am sure they will help :blush:

it’s not chat but useless bot which is net helping at alll.

Have you tried to type live agent?

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Hi there. As I can see you enabled the location service on 21st, Wednesday, 7:48PM.

Wait … do I have to enable geo-location for the duration of the trip in order for a claim to be considered? Aren’t airline tickets enough? This is within EU. I flew and stayed at an aparthotel booked by a relative for the whole family (so not in my name).

Edit: I can’t find a geolocation feature in the app (or is it the phone’s geolocation global switch?)

Its phones ge-location feature that needs to be enabled.

I have exactly the same problem. Went to Portugal from Poland, insurance activated with no problem, can’t cancel insurance anymore (fine). Now I’m back to Poland since August 12th and my app keeps charging as if I was in Portugal still. Geolocation is always on in my phone (I play Ingress and Pokemon Go so it’s kind of a given) so that isn’t the fact, I have geolocation security turned on and I already paid with R in Poland after coming back! If the geolocation would be off, the payment would have been canceled.

Same problem! I came back last Friday and I’m still having the insurance activated like if I was abroad… I tried to contact via chat but it was impossible to explain the issue to a live agent. The phone and app geolocation is (and was) on all-time.

same problem here. I am back from a trip and it keeps taking the insurance money.
live agent does not respond for the last 48 hours…