Medical insurance no longer included in the premium account

Hi all,

Getting confused with the premium account and the medical insurance.
Starting from July the 3rd 17 the medical insurance is no longer valid for overseas travels.

However, when questioned the online support returned with somewhat a ready to go answer like the one attached that does not make any sense to me.

Anybody that can shed a light here?


The insurance is available for Premium users who signed up before July 3rd 2017! Sorry for any miscommunication.

So no more insurance at all when activating the premium account, correct?

If so, can you explain why on the mobile app this is still reported as a feature?
This is very misleading.

I was also interested in becoming an Premium member. However, without a travel insurance I do not think the price is still competitive. It seems that Revolut Travel Ltd recently received permission to sell insurance products. So it might be that the agreement with the current insurer just ended and that they are in ‘transition’ to a new one or becoming their own.

The mobile app still shows that a mobile insurance is included though!


Are you going to update the app, or what?

Revolut has updated their FAQ, so they include medical insurance again!