Medical Insurance in Holland


In the app it says that a overseas medical insurance will come soon(since the summer).

However the app says the insurance is coming soon it means that a premium account paying 7.99 is a very expensive account that only contain

  • 400 Withdrawal limit
  • Unlimited FX
  • 20% discount on a device insurance what does not contain theft protection
  • Turbo transfers which still can take up to 2 working days.

In the Netherlands you get starting at €5 a month a bank account with a (Gold) Creditcard, intrest and you can open extra IBAN numbers(for free) in the same account.

But some important things are not available:

  • Online log in for your account (in case something happen to your phone) a phone number is a great idea but if you are on holiday in a country where you can not call to the UK, it is a matter of time before thieves get to your Revolut account and use the card.

  • 3-D secure is missing, what could be a safety issue. If someone else find the card it can be used without issues.

I support the idea of Revolut, and it is a great way of banking, but sometimes I ask myself if the Premium plan is a good deal for its customers. Maybe :r: is working on it but it would be great to see/hear what the plans are