MC card not working with Sanifair public toilets in Germany


I tried to pay for public toilet at Dresden Hbf which is run by Sanifair like at many other places in Germany, and the MC card did not work. On the screen was shown “Processing card” and nothing happened, until the lady came and said that I have to pay by coin, and cancelled the transaction.

The App does not show any informaction about this transaction.

My mom’s MC card does not work with Sanifair too.

BUT, the green Mastercard from TransferWise works with Sanifair!

That must be a local error then, the gates often don’t work properly. Sometimes they don’t accept any cards, sometimes the get stuck after payment and you have to write to Sanifair to get your money back and so on, they are not very reliable at all.

But I paid there with a Revolut VISA and a Revolut Premium Mastercard multiple times in different locations like Wuerzburg, Darmstadt and many other Sanifair locations (not Dresden though), so in general it works as expected, as long as the gates are not broken.