Maximum withdrawal limit per day

Can someone please tell me what the maximum withdrawal limit is per day at an ATM? I have read in some places it is £500 per day and others where it is £2000 per day. I arrive in Cyprus for our wedding the day before we need to head to the town hall and fork out over 1000 euros for our wedding paperwork. If the limit is 500 per day, im going to need to take some euros with me. If its £2000, Happy days!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The limit is 500€ or equivalent. If you are a premium member it’s free otherwise the first 200€ is free then 2% thereafter. The POS (spending in shops) is 5000€ or equivalent per 96 hours.

Exactly what @zwt said :point_up_2:

I thought the free ATM limit for premium users (those whose main currency was Euro) was €400 per month.

Indeed, you are correct. The free withdrawal limit for premium members is 400€ or equivalent.

So what are the fees for ATM withdrawals after you go over 400?

2% on amounts over the free withdrawal limit.