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I have recently taken a new job in Holland and will be paid in Euros. I will be travelling back to the UK at the weekend and therefore would like to use Revolut to manage my salary and disposable income.

I want my company to pay me into my Euro Revolut account and then ill transfer a set amount each month to my UK Pound Revolut account.

The question I have is, do the bank transfers from my company count towards my yearly top up limit?
Are ‘top ups’ money that have been added from bank accounts which you have linked to your Revolut accounts?

If bank transfers do count towards your top up then my salary a year will exceed the top £25,000 limit and I wont be able to use your service for 3 months of the year.

Please can you help me?

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They do

Top-ups are, grosso modo, incoming money, regardless of it being first or third party, card, transfer or :r: transfer, AFAIK.

You can provide your source of funds proving your monthly income with enough anticipation so that limit can be adjusted early enough not to cause any disruption in your usage of the service :smile:

To do so, just head to the Limits and verification section of the app, under Profile (in the More tab of the app), or reach the support team through the live chat clicking Help, Chat with us and typing live agent :wink:

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Thank you for your help

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