Maximum per day/month?


I would like to know if there is a limit of payments / money I can use to buy things by revolut? I am not talking about the personal limit I can set to the cards, also not the limit I can add to Revolut per year… just want to know if there is a limit what I can spend per card / account per day/ week / month? If the cards had „unlimited“ cash on them…


All you need to know its not the same for every user, so you should ask that for your case personal from your in-app chat support.

Spending limit can be set for each of Revolut cards in the Cards -> Limit section

I was given these limits by support (in GBP):

‘Card spending is limited to £30,000 or equivalent per year with a sublimit of £5,000 or equivalent per 96 hours meaning that you cannot exceed £5,000 or equivalent in card spending in a 96 hour period.

The limits apply to 1 card (real or virtual). If you have 3 cards then the limit is 90,000 GBP per year’

I’m assuming these limits are the same for all customers.