Maximum limit on Crypto buy !!

BTC was sitting nicely at £5880. So I went to buy £250.00 and was informed “You have reached your limit for this month’ (£5000) OTHERWISE Go Premium.
Not good, did anyone else know about this limit on crypto ?

Hello, this isn’t a limit on crytpo but a limit with non-premium accounts :slight_smile:

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Hmmmm !, Thanks.

I wonder what else has limits?

You’ll find all the informations you need here

Hi @Instramental1,

there is a limit of 15K for cryptocurrencies.

This sounds to me like spending limit ? I am not entirely sure. Please check the faq HERE to see the limits and benefits of premium.


Thanks for that,
Just a word of info, Last night I tried to get onto ‘Revolut’ but my A/c was blocked.

Evidently ‘Revolut’ are checking everyone’s A/c and Bank cards used. I suggest you contact them and ask IF they need to check your A/c,
It’s quite involved.

I was absolutely Livid ( No Notice) So for 15 hours I was unable to use ‘Revolut’.

I like ‘Revolut’ BUT, I travel frequently IF this had happened whilst I was away I would not have been able to rectify it.