Max number of new virtual cards?

I originally replied to your post the same day you wrote it, but for some reason, Revolut left my comment pending for 10 days. Then, when I went back to check, they deleted it! Others have probably answered you so far, but for my own pride, I’m going to try and comment again.
Anyway, I hope I understood this correctly because I had the same exact question.
I’d never used a virtual card before (never really understood them, honestly) and needed to buy something on Amazon. So I thought this was a perfect chance to try one out. But then I remembered reading somewhere in the T&Cs that it’s only one free virtual card on the standard plan and you’re charged for any extras, so I thought I was either stuck with that one forever or will have to pay the spare card fee if I ever decided to delete it.

I asked a live agent named Elijah (I tend to ask a lot of questions because it takes me a while, my apologies if I repeat myself. :innocent:) and he replied:

I’m a standard user and have one one virtual card and two physical cards (one Visa and the other MC, so I don’t plan on getting any others unless an emergency makes me), so my questions were based off that.

So if I got it down right, we can have up to 8 cards at once per month based on the reset dates for our ATM withdrawal and FX limits. I asked him to verify my reset date and it’s on the 25th. So I can have up to 5 more virtual cards this month before the 25th and then it resets until August 25th. All for free, but since they stay linked to our account during one month, I can’t delete one and get another if I’ve already maxed out the free virtual card limit for the month unless something fraudulent happens and you talk to them via chat for help.

Hope this helps, @istvanb!


Thanks for taking your time and sharing your thoughts. The deal seems to be that with the standard plan you can have one virtual card for free at any given time. If you want to have a new one (for free) then you need to delete the existing one and get a new one (and you can have 5-7 new ones per rolling month). So if I understand your “at once” term correctly then it is not true. You can have only one virtual card at once. This can be checked easily: just try ordering a second virtual card without deleting the existing one. You will see a screen asking you to pay for your new card.

I guess the customer service agents would need more clarification on this subject as they seem to provide contradicting information.

No matter what thanks for your contribution!

The biggest use case i see
Are you dont have to pay for shipping then signup
Or wait for a new card to arrive

With google pay, apple pay
You have the ability to pay right away, and use the card online
Or if your card get blocked, scammed, copied, you can get a virtual card instant
Or if you are unlucky and it stop working, dammage