Max number of new virtual cards?


Today I started wondering if there is a limit in getting new virtual cards. I have contacted the chat support but I get a quite uncertain response and I want to make sure I understand my limits.

The scenario:
I only need one virtual card at a time. From time to time I delete my virtual card and immediately get a new one. I never have more than one virtual cards at any given time. (and I have only one physical card)

My questions:
How many times can I do this for free? Is there any limitation (monthly / annually)? If there is a limit then how many cards can I get for free and how would I know if I’m at the limit. If there is a limit how much should I pay for the new card if I’m exceeding the limit?

I have not found anything relevant about this in the T&C.

Thanks a lot.

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I’m fairly confident that you can create as many as you want and you only have to pay if you wish to get more than 1 virtual wallet in your account. (At a time)
So as long as you delete them, and recreate a new one, it will still count as the only virtual card that you have, and since that’s included in the free package, you’ll not have to pay a dime. :slight_smile:

This was my impression as well, but today I heard somebody saying the opposite. While his opinion was rather assumption-based I got curious so I have asked the support. The support dude (SD) told me that 7 is the monthly limit, but I’m not 100% sure that he was not that positive about his answer.


SD: “I have doublechecked it with the relevant team. They are telling me that there is a limit and we do not recommend you to terminate and reissue a lot of virtual cards”
me: “Uhm… ok. But what is the limit”
SD: “This limit is set by our automated system”
me: “Thats fine. But what is it?”
SD: “As this limit is set automatically by our automated system we do not have access to it”
me: “So how would I know if I reached the limit? Is it cleared by time or once I reach it I need to pay for every new cards?”
SD: “The limit per month is 8 cards. Three physical and 5 virtual. If you only have on physical card you can request for 7 virtual and once reached you will need to pay for the virtual cards”

That’s weird. Maybe I’d shoot them a tweet @ twitter or @AndreasK could you please let us know if that limit is the correct one? :slight_smile:

I have to assume that their normal support team is on vacation, because I have received sub-par responses to my last two queries.

One of my latest questions went along the lines of “Do you know if it will be possible to choose more card types? I would really appreciate a VISA with a Danish BIN”

And the response was:

“We do not have local DKK account [details] yet”

Like, that’s not what I asked…

Damn that’s painful. Hahaha, but yes, sometimes I feel like it’s “Rita” again :frowning: still love you guys there at support tho’.

Anyhoo, I have searched the forums. The official answer from @AndreasK is 5-7 virtual cards per month. It depends on the number of physical cards.

It’s per rolling month (limit is reset 30 days after you create the 5th - 7th virtual card).

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Would you mind sharing the link to that statement from Andreas?

Is that also for Metal?

Ok, took me some time to find it again. However, I found a more recent answer from AndreasK from 2018:

The most recent one states 5 cards per 30 days. I guess that they have changed their policy a number of times:

I would have to guess, but my assumption is that it’s the same for Metal, because that’s how it usually is.

I’m quite sure the limit is there because of the rotating one-time virtual cards you can have if you’re above standard, including metal.

So why would you delete and recreate cards if that’s a function Revolut provides already? So you have a different requirement not covered by automatic rotation?

There are certain sites which do pre-auth for checking if the card is live, thus sacrificing the disposable card right away, and there comes the virtual card…This case once the trx is done, I’ll remove the card and create a new one. :slight_smile:

Why not just leave it disabled all the time except in the case you need it? Let the process with pre-auth and transaction through and then block it again. That’s what I do with the virtual card.

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I have noticed a recent change regarding the pre-auths and disposable cards. My disposable card no longer regenerates if the pre-auth value is zero (and no matter the number of pre-auths - as long as the value is zero). I recall that my disposable card used to always refresh, no matter the value.

Why don’t you use disposable virtual card?

Amazon will do a pre-auth with 1£/€/£ so that will use up the card unfortunately…


On standard membership you can’t :slight_smile: not everyone would like to pay for their bank account, which is perfectly reasonable with this fintech madness :slight_smile:

Yeah they should really change it to preauths up to like £2 (as some do £1.01-1.99 in my experience)

Also disposable virtual cards do not allow to setup a limit (max. amount to be charged).

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I am thinking more like a manual refresh-button. One has to be signed in to the app to see the disposable card details anyway.

Perhaps a pop-up asking, “Hey, do you want to refresh?” after a transaction, and then you can manually refresh the card details if you wish to do so.

To me, that would be a better disposable card (as opposed to the single-use / burner card that is the reality right now).