Mastercard vs Visa


If you are based in the UK or will be travelling here at some point, you can buy a Revolut Visa card from a high-street retailer called “Wilko” for £4.99. It can be found in-store along with other gift cards they sell. The card can then be linked to your Revolut account.

  • The card is within the envelope itself and therefore it does not have your name embossed; it only has a card number and expiry date embossed.

  • Once it’s linked to your account it uses the name on your Revolut account (obviously!).

  • You should sign the card as soon as it is linked to your account for your own security.

  • The Revolut app will provide you with the PIN number during the linking process. You can then change the PIN at most ATMs here in the United Kingdom.

  • You can only have three physical cards attached to any one Revolut account. So if you already have three cards you’ll need to delete one of your existing cards before you can add another.


Hi Rob.
Thanks. It seems like a working solution for me. Next time I’ll be in UK I’ll go for this option. :+1:

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I am so glad i still have my old virtual Visa card as a option in Revolut app, yesterday it saved me with some local service that only support Visa cards (i couldnt add any Mastercard). Its just sad that Revolut is quiting with Visa support on many markets, now new virtual cards are Mastercards only. So we will have like 500 Mastercards, just great! :roll_eyes:

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I understand you, in the opposite situation! I’m travelling for business in countries where MC is the main actor and VISA not. It was a constant fight to pay and I was praying I could get a MC card. So now that Revolut is selling MC card, I just bought a second Revolut card. Not the perfect situation but more flexible.


Not being able to choose between Visa or Mastercard is a big drawback for me.
If the possibility to choose does not come quickly, i will certainly stop using Revolut.

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What service do you know provides this choice?

I do agree it needs to become available to choose though, including Maestro.


Some traditional issuers do offer that, some even as a package so you get both. But at least the ones I know come with a price.


Not in the United Kingdom they don’t.

Eh, again here that isn’t happening. Not unless their credit card is one and debit card the other.


One example from Switzerland:
Take one, get the other as additional card for free.


as an additional example: UBS Switzerland issues Visa and Mastercard credit cards, and Maestro debit, in the standard package (nonetheless with quite some fees on foreign transactions)

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Well i have my own Bank. If Revolut does not give me the choice

I can have 2 credit cards from my Bank.


My first (standard) card is Visa but when I upgraded to Premium the new card is Mastercard so I have the choice. Not a bad thing in some countries as not all vendors/shops/organisations accept both. All my other cards… CC, Starling etc… are Mastercards so my standard card goes everywhere with me just in case

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