Mastercard vs Visa


It does! Thanks a lot!


Is this still coming? I had my MasterCard stolen last week and when I cancelled and re-issued myself a new one in the app it gave me a Visa :frowning: So I now have two Visa cards on my account where I’d rather have one of each for flexibility. Can it be swapped? (I’m guessing no from the earlier responses)


If you do in future supply you with one, make sure you use your VISA card more than your MC and keep that safe so you don’t have to go through this hassle again (until expiry date of course). Only use your MC when necessary.

I’m guessing you’re not a Revolut user pre-2017, because if you were you are stuck with standard MC no matter what until they change the system.


I am an “old” user, it’s that MasterCard I lost.


Strange, I can still order standard MC from the app.


Some will have MC and some will have Visa. It might be location dependant or random by user.


they removed standard MC for me when Metal was introduced :expressionless:


You misread Guga’s question.
Guga wants a Visa instead of a Mastercard :wink:


@AndreasK is there any ETA on where that “near future” is?

Edit: And will all users be able to issue Maestro as well as VISA/MC?


FYI This question was asked since the beginning of the year. No movement since on that front, but yes they do plan for users to choose (except Maestro in the UK, you can forget about that).


:thinking: Weird since UK banks used to issue Maestro cards. I just don’t really think they can claim to be the future of international banking with no fees if you can’t even use your card everywhere, even weirder since they could charge for the maestro here and then get more money off of interchange fees when you go to the country and spend. Feels a bit dumb that they wouldn’t offer all the cards in the biggest consumer countries, like the UK.


Keyword: used to. Mastercard debit cards does the exact same thing as Maestro, but even better (like pre-authorisation etc.). Same with VISA. No UK bank would want to roll back to Maestro.