Mastercard for Swiss users


Hi :slight_smile:

Is it true that you get now a Mastercard as a standard member?


You can check what you get in the app. You will get the type of card the app shows you.


Yes for me as well, virtual and physical are offered as MasterCard.


Mine are all shown as mastercard


Can confirm, Mastercard is available as standart (again, but no Visa anymore) and virtual card


I got my metal card with MasterCard. and originally a Visa before being Premium.


For information Swiss Metal card members are only allowed to withdrawal CHF 600.-- Then you are charged btw 0.5 up to 2% depending of the currency withdrawed. I was surprised to see that Swiss has a lower limit.


Are there any big advantages of the Mastercard over the Visa?


You can use it with Google Pay. I think that’s it for now.


Some merchants want „localized“ cards. iTunes, Google … only recent Mastercards are configured that way.