Mastercard as a primary free card or secondary without need for premium


Hi. I’m in Holland and apparently Visa is no option in many places. I assume it is no option in many European countries and there is a reason for that when you do operate on EUR. So at least to me a viable option would be to order additional card which is a MasterCard for traveling Eurozone but apparently there is no option for that. In order to have MasterCard I need to buy premium which I do not need at all. I would be very happy to pay for extra card of different type than Visa and not be forced to go premium.



Currently Revolut is available in Holland as Maestro and VISA. I think the Premium cards are MasterCard, but I’m not sure.

I live in the Netherlands and have both a MasterCard and a VISA, and I would recommend the Maestro if you plan on using it a lot inside the Netherlands (Albert Heijn only take Maestro for example, they don’ take VISA nor MasterCard), but otherwise VISA will serve you well.

Feel free to PM me and I can tell you more about using Revolut in Holland


They have used to issue a Maestro but they don’t anymore. Right now is just a Visa.


Friends of mine have ordered Maestro cards as recently as last Saturday


I wish you and me can swap accounts. I can get a MasterCard for premium and standard. I want a VISA/Maestro Revolut card.


Then obviously it is not available in Poland.


Isn’t Visa the most accepted type of card? I’ve used Maestro and I had to request my bank to change it – didn’t work anywhere in Canada, Kosovo, Albania, Croatia, and so on. Had no problems with Visa so far, both in really developed and underdeveloped countries.


To be covered, you need at least 1 VISA and 1 Maestro. Maestro works on most places that accept MasterCard, can’t be said vice versa.

MasterCard works wonders in the US as well as UK and some parts of Europe, but places like Netherlands, China, S. Korea, Germany etc. you’re (almost) screwed with MasterCard.

MasterCard is the worst out of the 3, because Maestro works 99% where MC is accepted, and there are exclusive countries like Netherlands that POS only accepts Maestro.


I think Maestro cards are only available in the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland at the moment.


It is. Once we are not talking about the eurozone.


To be fair most countries in the Eurozone widely accept either VISA or MasterCard. However, central Europe seems to be the exception, with the Netherlands and Germany accepting mostly Maestro only.

However, it is worth pointing out that I live in the Netherlands and have only had my MasterCard Revolut card not been accepted at a couple of places


I don’t want to disappoint you but Central Europe is Poland and we do accept here everything everywhere. It’s eurozone issue.


Like I said, it doesn’t cause me many problems anywhere. If it did I’d just get the Maestro


Maestro works fine in Portugal and is issued by some banks.

I never had problems with my VISA in more than 15 countries so far. Had major problems with Maestro not being accepted in Canada and in the Balkan region.

I’ve never tried MasterCard but so far my VISA has never been declined anywhere from Africa to North America and my Revolut VISA Prepaid has only been declined in one place and with Uber/Cabify.


The problem of the Visa not being accepted for Uber in some countries can be huge if you regularly use Uber. Though that seems to be a problem with the Revolut Visa and not Visa in general.

More interesting is the intention that Revolut has, according to an interview,to issue Multibanco cards to Portuguese users. I would finally be able to close my legacy bank account and rely on N26 and Revolut


I’m Portuguese so I use MB Way to pay my Uber. Cabify has payment terminals inside their cars now so I can pay with my :r: there, but I can’t add it to the app.

If they issue Multibanco cards I’ll close my bank accounts here. The only reason I keep them is due to the fact that I need to pay my phone and some bills in Multibancos. It’s also a good alternative when :r: is not accepted.

Are there advantages in using N26 and :r: together? Aren’t them very similar?


N26 is indeed very similar, but Revolut is not yet a full bank while N26 is, meaning with N26 you get the 100000€ deposit protection. With N26 you also do not get any currency conversion surcharge on weekends. That’s why I use N26 as my main account and Revolut for the added functionality that N26 hasn’t, such as multicurrency support (N26 is euros only).

I understand that Revolut’s funds are stored in ring fenced accounts and all that, but while that may protect you in case Revolut goes under, it doesn’t protect you in case the bank Revolut stores the funds in said accounts goes under.

Unlikely that that may be, if Lloyds or Barclays go bankrupt you may lose your money


I understand, thank you for the explanation. May I know where you’re based? Are you Portuguese?

Can you use your N26 in Multibanco with all the functionalities? Hopefully Revolut will allow that soon.


I am portuguese😉

As for N26, unfortunately you don’t have any more functionality than with Revolut, however you don’t get the constant nagging about DCC that you get with Revolut when withdrawing cash and at some POS terminals


If Revolut joins Multibanco does it mean we will have all the functionalities other Portuguese banks have?