Master Debit Card (UK) not accepting 'top up' and Chat/Support eternally loading


On the old version of the app, I tried to top up using my UK master debit card but it says ‘you may need to provide 3D secure code’ which I usually get via a text from my bank - rather immediately.

However upon updating the app to the latest version, as advised by the advisor on the ‘Supports’ tab of my app, I cannot:

  1. top up (Same issue as before)
  2. contact the advisors as my ‘Supports’ tab just says ‘loading’. l leave my phone screen on, and it said ‘loading’ for 10 minutes

I switched my phone on and off, refreshed the app multiple times.
Still the problem hasn’t been resolved on my end, and worse, i can’t contact the advisors for help!


Top up and support issues same for me an hour ago. Now up and running again.


Hi @dcha

Have you tried to delete and re add the card from the top up section?