Massive slowdowns.

In the past couple days I have noticed that the app started to get really slow all the way today when I was unable to withdraw money from a vault. After trying it I just received a message that “something went wrong, pls try again later”

I thought this could be related to a beta version so I have opted out, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. During the authentication I have received a mail, clicked the link and then got the same error message. For the second try I got a text message which was applied properly and then the app asked me for a selfie. For the first try it seemed uploading it but it took forever and I only saw a white screen. For the second try I get a message “Uploading failed. Ooops, something went wrong, please try again later”

Wondering if anybody has similar issues.

Tried on wifi and 4g. Using an android phone with the latest version of the app currently in the play store.

Well, nevermind. I have just seen an in-app message that Revolut has some sort a problem affecting the entire app.

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