Massive problem with Revolut in Brazilian ATMs


Hey there I’ve had a big problem the last 3 days with Revolut. Everytime i withdraw money from a bradesco atm it charges my account but I receive no money. I’m at the end of my holiday and this is causing a big problem. I have now £300 “withdrawn” which I havent received. I also had this problem in January in Panama. I know I can’t contact the charge back team until 10 days after the transaction but I need a the cash now. I know also changed my number to a Brazilian number .

I’m now fearful of withdrawing from any more ATM machines as I can’t afford to lose the money any more.


It’s the £190.12 in grey that I’ve not received .

I received nothing from the 2 atm withdrawals today on separate Atm machines. I’ve been travelling Brazil for 2 months and haven’t had an issue with them until now


most likely those withdrawals will be automatically reversed in a couple of days


It happened in Panama and they weren’t reversed. I’m quite concerned usually how many days does it take


I had a similar problem in Spain the last month and I still waiting my cash. I think that I lost my money, I hope you have more luck than I


Problem is last 3/4 withdrawals have been like this and I can’t trust the card anymore I don’t want to gamble with each withdrawl


Update revolut stated that they were disconnected with Brazilian atms for a small while but now update states the connection has been restablished still very disappointing they didn’t warn me I’m now $400 down as a result of them not informing me of an obvious glitch in the system and am yet to get my money back


Any update, has the money been returned?


I up the topic. Any update did it get resolved?


@Isildur1 and @Caidiver Please let everyone know whether Revolut refunded you for those cash withdrawals that were never delivered by the ATM’s. You’ve both paid for something that hasn’t been delivered… that’s theft and/or fraud.

People, like myself, are going to put 5 figure sums into these accounts. It’s important to see claimed business ethics manifest in actual action.


Assuming there hasnt been a response for almost a year I wouldnt expect one now.