Massive difference in exchange rates - ATM


Hi - I am a little confused. I just used the revolut card in Poland, and made an ATM withdraw, not thinking about it, a little later I checked the account and was shocked to see it had wiped me out. I worked out that it was 4.255 per £, but the rate on the app has been between 4.82 - 4.86 per £ all day… so I am both confused and very annoyed by this


You let the ATM do the conversion to GBP instead of Revolut. That should always be avoided and if the ATM asks if it should convert anything the answer is no :).


I was never given the option to choose, until the receipt came out and gave me the converted rate, sounds like a game of chance, that’s very disappointing


Are you absolutely positive you did not miss it? Sometimes they are quite sneaky.

If they didnt offer you the option there should have been at least some information. Unfortunately that would be a complaint for that Polish bank.


Hmmm I’ve never seen any ATM in Poland, which doesn’t show DCC (if it offers this service).
I was using Euronet, Planet Cash, BZWBK, PKO BP…


I wasn’t aware of the merchant, merely an ATM in a store. Yes very sneaky it would seem, thanks for the information I guess I will have to learn a more transparent means of withdrawing money out in the future