Massive Card Payment PROBLEM


Yeah, but some issues:

  1. They found out this morning - problems appeared yesterday afternoon.
  2. They not being able to sustain their growth should not be on expense of customers. I think they should do both: develop their product and hire staff until smooth operation.
  3. Not being able to send push notifications and mass emails - hmm…
  4. The in-house payment processor should have been delivered early this year as per their 2017 statement (ok. We are used with delays on their side so maybe let this one out :slight_smile: )

My 2 cent in this.

PS - I appreciate that they released a statement; don’t get me wrong.


I have on my account posted 4 transactions for almost 300$. Those transactions were rejected but posted on my account.
Reversals according to Revolut statement should be posted in few hours but it didn’t happen till now.


Same for me… Still waiting to have my money back


Me too. No money back yet.


Problem with payment last sunday.
I use virtual card and paypal.
No refund :frowning:


yah true. refund is yet to be done and it seems they are struggling to tackle it. lets be patient and give them some time to do it.


PayPal is making money by keeping it for a day or two. This slows processes down.


Thank you. I am going to watch it every day !


Since 30 of June, no refund…


No refund for my daughter yet.
Sadly has put us off using :r: in future.


Refund today !! 5 days to bring back money…
It is paypal or revolut ?!?


Maybe 50-50. Maybe Valuta Business or not. PayPal does that. If you withdraw money from PayPal to your bank account… how long does it take?


It takes 5 days for refund my account


From your PayPal to another bank account? :question:
However, when I do it takes 2-3 business days. 1-2 days in which PayPal owns the money. :man_shrugging:t3:


Waiting for my payment to arrive ago Tuesday!!! And this is not an international transfer, it’s just from UK!!! Horrible! @AndreasK


Yes it takes five days et


Still waiting for my refund for payment done the 1st july…


Same here, 10 days now, no sign of getting my money back… (over 500 CHF)


Does anyone still face the issue ?


No, I had the money back in my account one week ago.

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