Massive Card Payment PROBLEM


what an experience!!! At Mango Shop, the revolut card was accepted and I purchased a pant. And then I went to kusmi tea shop and bought some tea over there, but the card was rejected, so I used a different card to make payment. on my way back to home, I got a message from @revolut stating that Mango purchase was declined and the payment was reverted back into my account. (what I should do to Mango now?? the pant is with me!!!). after a while, I went through the revolut app and I noticed that the failed kusmi tea payment was deducted two times from my EURO account and from Hungarian forint Account.


There’s something going on - two colleagues had payments declined in store in the USA today. The payment was rejected however the money was debited from their accounts. Apparently there’s now a 7 day wait for the money to be credited back to their accounts…


Same problem here in Spain, my kid have his toy and the transaction is reverted, other two transactions had been denied but charged


Same problem in Hungary, very long wait for the transaction to be authorised and a couple transactions failed too. The rejected transaction that I’ve tried again seem to be marked as delayed and greyed out. It seems they had issues today.


I have similar problem, I tried to pay with paypal 17,99$ charged twice, but I’ve had funds only for one transaction. Money has gone from my account and paypal haven’t register this payment :frowning:


what about my case of approved purchase in the mall??? The payment returned but i ought to pay the amount .


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Same problem in Italy. Maybe we need to “keep focus” in EMEA before to go in US :slight_smile:


A bit sad that revolut’s twitter is silent about current issues.


Happy google pay day. Someone sabotage the 1st of July!


But, but, the US is around the corner


In 20 years, in just 1 hours they said :slight_smile:
Hope to have official info soon (in US is still afternoon)
I’m joking of course


I hear that it is the same problem with all UK cards. :r: twitter just says that there is an issue. :man_shrugging:t3: A little frustrating but what else could they say?


@Laurenz_L - I’m curious, where did you read on twitter that they say there is an issue. I can’t find it. :face_with_monocle:



If you log into the app it says about problems with cards on the home page


Dear Andreas, my problem is the same! Today I tried to order from amazon, money was debited from my account but costumer service wrote me that my payment is declined. Could you help me please?? @AndreasK


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