Marrakech Shopping


Guys, I’m sorry, but I’m new here.

For the next week I’m going to be in Marrakech with his wife, and as you can expect there will be some shopping.

So I ask you, if any fees will be applied to my purchases with my card or to withdrawals in Moroccan Dirham.

Thanks in advance for all the answers, and keep up the good work.


Hi, I go to Morocco for the first time, cash is still widely used except in major retailers according to the web information


Fees for purchases- no.
ATM withdrawals- until you hit your monthly withdrawal limit it should be free


Ok thank’s very mutch.:+1:


But ATM’s may charge you for using the machine even though Revolut will not charge you for the first £200 per rolling month.

Suggest you reads the FAQ’s and help section before you go tbh.


Make sure he doesn’t find out…


There is a part of the FAQ in traveling and I found IT helpful. There are some things to know when the ATM offers Dirham or any other than your base currency.


if the question is posed here it is to have answers from the community that has the experience of Morocco on the ground in fact. It is also one of the reasons of existence of the community, then answers who see or who can .
Sorry for my very bad english. …


So, if noone can tell you about Morocco, maybe we need to stick to the general info. :man_shrugging:t3:


hello and well yes you’re right …:wink:



Hello everyone,

My experience at Marrackech with the REVOLUT, was fantastic.

  • First I started to make the change a few days before with a favorable exchange rate.

  • Arrived at the airport I withdraw the maximum of Moroccan Dirham +/- 200 €, because I would go shopping in the Souks. Here you should only deal with cash.

  • On the remaining expenses I always used my REVOLUT VISA card, to pay for the Riad, the Restaurants and even the simple break for a tea. Most top establishments are managed by Europeans, here you always find atm for payments.

  • As I traveled with family and friends, we opted for the system to pay all the expenses with the REVOLUT card and they paid me in cash that they exchanged at the airport.

In the end the experience was very good and the use of this card helps in a lot with other currencies. I was even surprised at the initial exchange rate from EUR to MAD, which gave me a few more Dirham than expected.

Any other question related to my experience is just ask.


@FiipePT: How was DCC situation in Marrakech? Did payment automaticly went in local currency (MAD) or you were asked to choose currency each time?


Thanks a lot for the follow up! :+1:


Hello Moon,

I always used the Moroccan Dirham as currency. I was never asked for a choice because I converted all my money into the REVOLUT for Moroccan Dirham.
If he had another active currency on the card, he might have asked.

I prefer to always think of their currency, so I do not always make conversions, so I memorized “10 Dirham = 1 Euro” to make it easier.

My conversion rate from EUR to MAD was +/- 11.10 on 28 May.
Now I expect for a rate close to 0.0910 to reverse into Euros what I still have in Dirham.