Many problems for travellers

Where to start, on so many levels Revolut fails to deliver…

Revolut card declined when I tried to add it as a payment method for GRAB in Malaysia - support said some merchants don’t accept Revolut. Really??? Then what use is it in my wallet?

Revolut card declined when I tried to buy air tickets on Vietjet :frowning_face: no idea why and support is offline where I am.

support hours ridiculously short. as a traveller in Asia the support hours at the weekend are simply not doable.

I used to LOVE Revolut, but I think there must be better cards out there now. A victim of its own success perhaps? So disappointed.

You brought it back from the dead. :grin::rofl:

My name is Vladimirs. And I’m working at Schroders here in UK London. From company named UST Global Limited.

I have read few topics and found that some people are not getting their salary if they are more thsn 1000£. Ill be getting 3000£ per month and it would be terrible if i wont get it on my salary day. Main reason is because of the rent. I dont want to be kicked out or even pay fine. Since my first salary will be on this end of the month im eagerly awaiting whar will happen. Well, really hope there wont be any problem. :slight_smile:

My question is, should i send you proofs that i work in said company so that there wont be any issues?

And my second question.

I have a problem with contactless option. I get that, blue means feature is ON. But here’s what happened.
Before it was turned ON i could pass London metro gates. Upon arriving home i noticed that card was declined and that contactless option was off.

Next morning i turned it ON went to the metro, and i could not pass the metro gates. What i did wrong? And what i can do to fix it? I read in Tfl gov that i need to pay for that ride but how should i do that?

Best regards

Hello there,

I receive my salary in Revolut. It’s more than £4,000 every month and had no problems so far. Revolut asked me to provide SOF. I did upload all the documents and everything was up and running in less than 20 minutes!

Best regards,

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That`s nice to hear. I work legally and got documents, so if Revolut will ask for them i will provide.

Thank you for your answer.

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