Manually set pocket currency

When adding a subscription to a pocket the base currency of the payment seems to determine the base currency of the pocket; I don’t want pockets with multiple currencies as suggested in another topic.

I’d like to be able to manually set the currency of the pocket that I add the subscription to no matter what the base currency of that payment was. This way I can determine how I want to populate that pocket and at what time a currency conversion should happen.

The primary benefit of this is that it gives control to the user and doesn’t complicate the pocket UI or management; today if I have a USD payment but want to pay in EUR for it I can’t with pockets and I need multiple pockets and conversions when I don’t need them. The suggested change would make this much easier to use for people that primarily use one specific currency but have payments in multiple.


Agreed ! Pocket feature have some many flaws so far…

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@gpoul Hello :wave: and welcome to the :r: community. We are thrilled to have you back :hugs:

Thank you for sharing your concern about the base currency of pockets being determined by payment currency. We currently don’t offer the option to manually set the currency, but we appreciate your feedback and will pass it along to our product team. :rocket:

Let us know if you have further questions. We are here to help :sunflower:

Veda | Community team