Manual approval via app


maybe this cant be implemented due to technical reasons.

if it could, would be really amazing.

Add an extra security toggle, that when enabled, would required the app to approve a payment to go throught.
If the user didnt approve in a certain time period or refused, the payment would be denied.


Hmm maybe, but it could be time consuming on the user’s end.


@AndreasK no more than users dis/enable the online or ATM withdrawal security.
Only those really keen in using this would.

Pay at a store, get the approval request, accept the payment goes through.
Same for online.

Someone else tries to make a payment with your card details, it shows on your phone, you either refuse it or report it.
Payment fails. Bad guy fails to cheat the merchant.

Everyone wins.


I don’t know enough about possible two-way-communications between app and payment networks in the midst of a payment, but it would be a convenient way to approve a payment that would be otherwise rejected.

In case the location based security feature rejects a payment, for example. A simple way to overrule security settings for a one time payment.