Make ultra a tool to attract bigger accounts and reward customers

Ultra is very cool especially for travelers.

I think it would be a great idea if you took inspiration from traditional banking (I am ashamed even saying that out loud) and offer it for people that keep a significant amount in their revolut accounts.

My plan might be silly but I believe if you picked a high enough number 40-80k range it would be great for attracting bigger accounts and becoming the primary bank account for a lot of people, while also generating revenue through the increased transactions, savings fees and more.

Irrelevant but also similar (in the more traditional sense) I think people with sharing a joint account should also get the Ultra perks of the other person.

Thanks for listening, I have been a customer for 4 years and still excited of what’s to come.

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This is indeed “old bank” marketing logic. It does work. And it does make some sense from a business perspective.

Here’s why I don’t like it: traditionally, banking services are cheaper for people that have more money. But people with more money also profit more from various banking services. So I think it’s okay to pay the price for an Ultra plan when one profits from the benefits that come with it.

Someone who can afford to have 50 k in an account would get free FX exchange while someone who lives from paycheck to paycheck and uses Revolut to support family at home would have to pay for the same service.


I don’t disagree with you on it being fair from a societal perspective and I believe it’s an important point.

I just believe Revolut being labeled the bank of 200 euros/ pounds (I mean it as account balance) is problematic, if we assume its goal is to disrupt and innovate the banking scene, which I personally see as the goal and also the best outcomes for its users and banking users everywhere.

I think it must position itself in the public cautiousness as a competitor to banks and not transferwise(wise), PayPal, Venmo, and services like that.

Not that there is something wrong with that but I prefer Revolut the “innovative and disrupting bank” vs Revolut the “a bit better at money transfers than Paypal and its competitors”


My guess is Revolut’s perception is very different depending on local market conditions. Revolut is more “disruptive” in Ireland than it is in Germany, for example. But that’s more related to its position in the local market, and not so much how it incentivizes its product.

There‘s nothing disruptive about becoming a fun tool for wealthy influencer types that can enjoy Ultra benefits. To me, it’s about offering a better UX for everyone and earn the trust, over time, to become a reliable service provider.