make Revolut alert-requests persist in app


On iOS, received “we need new ID from you (driving licence no longer valid)” message from Revolut.

Clicked on the alert and was taken to the app but it hung. Quit the app, relaunched but there was now no sign of the request (which was in iOS itself and automatically deleted because it had been clicked on).

24hrs later get another copy of the same message from Revolut. Click on it and am taken to the app. Am told to activate access to the camera in settings. Do this but once again there is no trace of the original alert so cannot relaunch the process.

SUGGESTION: when Revolut send messages of form “we need ID” there should be a persistent record of this (and link) within the app itself.


Sometimes I get the feeling that some companies really ignore the most obvious things over months.

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This problem of not having a history of messages applied to other popups as well like a failed top-up information message just going away after tapping on it. The expectation would be, like any other app, that this tap takes you to the message to read and/or react on it.