Make it easier to keep track of transactions


Hi there, I am new to Revolut. I really like that I have access to all transactions in real time but have noticed two things that makes it a little hard imo to follow transactions and keep track.

  • Not all transactions show up in real time, eg a transaction from yesterday can show up today but is sorted under yesterday, therefore difficult to find/see that the tansaction has been added.
  • As I undersand it, a Completed transaction is locked and cannot change. A Pending tansaction can be reverted but also change the amount? Eg. If you leave a tip the transaction first turns up as Pending to the amount without tip, later it is changed to Completed and the amount is changed to include the tip. Again, this makes it very difficult to see if a transaction has changed.

My suggestion is to change the account view in the app to:

  • In addition to current sorting by transaction time, add the possibilty to sort transaction by latest change time. A change being anything changed to the transaction, ie new transaction added, status changed Pending/Completed/Reverted, amount changed. (I don’t know if anything else can change on a transaction)
  • Icon or similar that clearly shows in the overview if a transaction is Pending or Completed

For my traditional card I get a monthly statement and I know that those transactions are set, they won’t change. I really like Revolut’s real time transactions but the two things mentioned above makes me feel I don’t have full control over my account. I hope you can fix it.

Give us a filter or a separate list of transactions in "Pending" state

Have you checked if Revolut’s additionally availabe statements would work for you? Like a traditional card, it shows only settled transactions.


Thx, yes that works but I would like to be able to use Revolut’s real time transactions in a meaningful way. For me, that and the exchange rates is the reason for using Revolut.


I think this would be a great idea!


Can I expect an official answer to this, is anyone from Revolut checking these ideas or how does this process work?


Hi there,

Yes, we’re always open to suggestions and are keeping track of feedback.

Thanks for your interesting idea!


Ok great. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will be in a future release.