Make it #1 again please.


Loving Revolut. Top #3 apps on my phone. With competitors gaining traction now here are some thoughts on how to be #1 again.

  1. Bring back the £500 atm withdrawl limit. This is the weakest point of the entire service. £200 is one night out.

  2. Online portal/web app is a must. I’ve read about several users asking for this and the response from Revolut was something along the lines of ‘get a new phone you douchebag’. Hilarious. Surely its not that difficult to implement, prepaid travel cards from 10 years ago had this feature. Its a basic security feature.

  3. The android app finally looks okay (as of yesterday?), used to have ridiculously large fonts what a mess, looked like an app designed for the visually impaired. Now its decent, but please on the Account screen reduce the top blue half from 50% of the screen to 30% or allow a slider to give me more transaction history real estate…

Also every you roll out an update of the new app (which seems like every day) I have to go to settings to turn on fingerprint access… annoying, can you please correct.

Oh Im really looking forward to business banking…

Thanks and keep up the great work Revolut!


i’ve seen @AndreasK call this a feature.
when I asked why, never got a reply


That was an issue but I’m pretty sure it has been now fixed with the new update :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you @mpk for your feedback. I will forward it to the relevant team.