Make bill splitting easier

Bill splitting is a great function, me and my coworkers and friends use it regulary.

But it’s really hard to use it, as the current UX is kinda dumb as I always have to calculate my part of the bill.

When I split a bill, I already know the amounts I need to request from others. It would be way more easier, if my part of the bill have been calculated automatically by substracting the sum of the requested money from the total of the bill.

The header already shows the requested part and the total of the bill, it would be so simple to also write the part that is not requested yet (ergo the rest of the bill which is on me).

Dear Revolut Team, can you build this small thing in? That would make using this function way more easier!


Would actually be quite nice.

Right now I just type it in manually, but it would save me a second :slight_smile:

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Another thing that would be really useful is auto-currency convert on the fly as part of the bill split.

My Revolut account has Euro as it’s base currency. I split a bill (in Euro) the other day with a friend who has GBP as a base currency.

He had a GBP account with credit, but his Euro account was empty, and so when he went to confirm the split request it was denied by the Revolut app as having insufficient funds in his account.

So having to make the conversion from GBP to Euro before confirming the split defeats what would otherwise be a smooth process, you might as well just send the money directly as a person to person transfer which actually does give the option to select the sending currency (and convert).

Perhaps the reason is you have to explicitly authorize a currency exchange, in which case perhaps the recipient could receive a pop-up message to indicate that confirmation of the transaction would result in an exchange (at this price) - confirm or deny?


Yes great idea.

To give you an idea, the App “Tricount” is doing that and it is very convenient.

This picture attached is a good example to show you how sharing the amount with friends can be improved directly in the App Revolut

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Another idea regarding the split bill functionality… normally you either pay the bill upfront then split bill or insert an amount and split bill prior to paying.

The above works perfectly as long as all people have Revolut, so splitting the bill of say £100 between 5 when only 4 have Revolut does not work, the calculations are incorrect.

Suggestion would be to insert a “dummy” contact option, this way it comes to split the bill it will perfectly work out the share of the 4 people with Revolut with the 5th being for the none Revolut user.

I tihnk that would be great as well.