Major bug with dates

In the Business dashboard, the date that shows up in the transaction list and on an exported statement are completely different.


Feb 28th:

Yet here… March 5th:

I understand that “posted” and “completed” are two different dates, but shouldn’t the statement match the actual transaction lines?

This is throwing off my accounting massively. It’s very difficult to reconcile line statements when the CSV/HTML dump shows something completely different to the transaction screen.

What’s even worse is that selecting ‘this month’ (March) from the transactions drop-up shows no transactions, because the Namecheap line appeared in Feb… yet shows as March 5th on the export!

Which means that the March 5th transaction is completely invisible. It doesn’t show up in the Feb export (because it’s March 5th), yet isn’t selectable to export in March because as far as the dashboard is concerned, there are no transactions in March.

This seems like a really fundamental/obvious problem that needs a fix ASAP – business banking is essentially broken if dates don’t match up.


Hi there. Thank you for letting us know. I’ve passed this to the relevant team and we will have fixed it soon.

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Do you have a firm date for a fix @AndreasK?

2 years letter - still no fix… The same is valid for CSV/Excel exports. There is no way to see from the export when a transaction was made, making the whole export functionality useless. I have days of difference. Also the export is missing even hours & minutes…