Magstripe Payments



I tried making some transactions using the magnetic strip instead of the chip.
The transactions were always denied, but they worked with the chip

I discovered that Revolut blocks from magnetic stripe transactions if the POS supports Chip, this is very bad!!!

You often find POS with the chip reader installed but not active and you can not pay, please remove this limit.


Hi @CarloM1,

Our cards have the ability to decline the transaction if chip and PIN is available, and not used. This is a security feature, which prevents fraud transactions. For example, if someone found your lost card wouldn’t be able to complete any transaction using just MagStripe. Please note, you can also enable/disable the security features of your card in the security section of the app.


Hello Andreas,

Thank You for Reply :slight_smile:

I understand that is a function to prevent fraud, but severely limits the user.
It happened a bus station i’m not able to buy tickets because the chip was not read and the magnetic stripe reject the transaction. I had to pay cash in that case
You could insert an option to allow you to enable payments even when the chip is usable, at user risk.

Or allow the user to order a chip card without a PIN request (Chip & Signature mode)

It’s really uncomfortable at the restaurant when the card due to a denied transaction or PIN request.


I absolutely understand!

That’s a really good point!

Thank you @CarloM1


I also had problems with this. First of all, I already have cards for GBP, EUR and USD transactions where I get points, miles etc. Plus my annual business travel spend is way above the annual limit of EUR 30,000 on Revolut. The attraction of Revolut is therefore good exchange rates, free cash withdrawals and no forex fees on other currencies that I do not already have. As such I am only using the card in exotic destinations. Many of these destinations do not have chip and PIN. IN gfact a travel card thart is restricted to chip and PIN is of very limited use.

My Revolut card works sometimes with magstripe but some transactions were denied for no apparent reason… in my recent experience, last 3 weeks, in XCD and HKD. Annoyingly, Revolut support just told me certain terminals are not supported.

I tried to pay to send a DHL courier package billed in XCD but it was rejected. Likely, because in the same business was a Western Union outlet so they tried to process it as Western Union and Revolut does not support manual cash advances.

I also tried to pay with Revolut for a hotel booking in HKD over the phone. The Revolut card was rejected but my European USD Mastercard credit card was accepted.

I would really like to see a premium Revolut card for frequent travellers… I don’t mind blocking a guarantee of say EUR 500, but I would like it to be available in all terminals even as far as old click-clack paper voucher locations (yes I used one of these 3 days ago with another card, again Revolut was rejected when they called for authorization) and for manual cash withdrawals in banks etc… yes I know they are services that most people don’t use, but it is just what I am looking for in a card for travel.