Magnetic Stripe Problem

I just received my new :r: Visa card. I tried to make a PIN transaction in a bank’s ATM but failed. The ATM didn’t recognize the card. Tried to another 2 ATM but the same. I made a chip_and_pin transaction and after that I tried again but the problem remains. All the security options are ON. I guess is a Magnetic Stripe’s fail. Any help @AndreasK ? Thank you in advance!

What kind of chip and PIN transaction have you done?
I strongly recommend to withdraw some money from ATM which reads chip, not magnetic stripe.
Are you able to do it?

@redi I bought something. No I cannot . The ATM rejects my card right after I insert it.

I see! Your problem is that your magstripe is demagnetized and you need to reprogram your card or ask to replace it with a new one! One of my friend had the same problem as you!

So as @dimitrism has written- I would contact support and ask them about card replacement.

My mother’s Revolut card is not accepted from the ATMs in Bulgaria. It works just fine for contact(less) payments but not for withdrawals. It seems to be a problem with the card. My revolut card works just fine with those ATMs. How can we ask for a replacement?

@slaff: You can disable ATM use in Revolut app. Before ordering replacement check if your current settings in app allow withdrawals. Also some atm’s in some countries depend on magnetic stripe setting enabled. No idea about Bulgaria.