Magnetic Stripe Problem


I just received my new :r: Visa card. I tried to make a PIN transaction in a bank’s ATM but failed. The ATM didn’t recognize the card. Tried to another 2 ATM but the same. I made a chip_and_pin transaction and after that I tried again but the problem remains. All the security options are ON. I guess is a Magnetic Stripe’s fail. Any help @AndreasK ? Thank you in advance!


What kind of chip and PIN transaction have you done?
I strongly recommend to withdraw some money from ATM which reads chip, not magnetic stripe.
Are you able to do it?


@redi I bought something. No I cannot . The ATM rejects my card right after I insert it.


I see! Your problem is that your magstripe is demagnetized and you need to reprogram your card or ask to replace it with a new one! One of my friend had the same problem as you!

"R" Visa Not recognized by ATM

So as @dimitrism has written- I would contact support and ask them about card replacement.