Mag strip doesn't work all the time in America


I have a problem with my card sometimes for no obvious reasons my mag stripe don’t work it says there is an error or something like that, I have already used my card in France and it’s working fine but in America it seems to cause so troubles. The chip works perfectly fine tho.
Have anybody the same issue ?

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It’s always possible that the POS terminal you’re using is an offline terminal in the US since it’s still common there - that isn’t supported by Prepaid cards like Revolut.

If the transaction reached Revolut, you’ll see it in you app and it will also tell you a reason why it was declined. If you don’t see anything in your app, it’s most likely a problem with the merchant terminal and it didn’t get through at all, in most cases it’s not been an online terminal then.

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Ok thanks it might be that.
It’s a problem for me because I have to use my french card instead and there some fee applying each time I pay for it and I took Revolut especially to avoid that.



Unfortunately it is what is is now, maybe the card type will change when Revolut gets their banking license, but on the other hand - how would they get you the “real” FX rate when the transaction is processed offline (at a later date)? That might lead to very unfortunate problems with highly volatile currencies and also lead to complaints (yes I know, it’s already possible that it happens now, not actually sure how Revolut handles those delayed payments now where I am thinking about it, hmmmm :face_with_monocle: )

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