Maestro Top-Up Not Working

For a few years, I used to top up my Revolut account with my Maestro debit card from the Austrian bank.

Just two weeks ago this method of top-up stopped working. Transactions were declined all the time.

Based on advice from the support team I have deleted my card to add it again. However, it was impossible since it now says the card is not supported.

In the help chat, they asked for patience since they are checking the issue and this is already a week. Is there anyone with a similar issue?


I have similar issue with irish debit card. My old card stopped working and i couldnt top up kr anything.So i got new debit card. Removed my old card from revolut and added my new one. Now when i try top top up it says its declined and to contact my bank. I have contacted .y bank and they said there is no issues from their side that its revoluts issue. Support said they have faced some issues but no further updates. So gpay and debit card are not working and getting declined for me only bank transfer works which is not acceptable.


Omg im having the same issue and I’m currently abroad so it’s extra frustrating! Irish accounts too. Coincidentally the bank sent me out a new card because apparently my other one was compromised so thought it was related but have used the new card and a different bank card to buy things online and no issue, just won’t work on revolut, same with Google pay on revolut - no joy. I contacted them 2 weeks ago and just keep getting told they’re working in it and they’ll update me when they know more.
Haven’t tried a bank transfer because fee was around 10% which is a bit cray! Hoping they fix it soon, not really acceptable for a company thats trying to become peoples main banking platform.

I have a Belgian Maestro card and can’t top up my Revolut account, so I contacted customer support but they haven’t been helpful. They said the problem lies with my bank, but after I contacted it the bank said the decline happens before it reaches 3DS system so I said that to Revolut customer support. The agents kept telling me to contact the bank or use other ways to top up the account. Then, after I sent them a screenshot of the email I got from my bank they said they don’t accept Cirrus anymore. Does anyone have the same problem because I don’t remember any notifications about Maestro not being supported anymore and my card is still linked to the Revolut account?

Any joy in fixing ? I’ve exact same issue on Irish BOI Debit Card

Unfortunately the problem is still not resolved and like you said no update when it is going to be resolved. I have to say Revolut customer service via Web chat wasn’t helpful at all, they kept blaming the bank, then they said my card doesn’t have 3DS enabled which is not true. To me it seems like they are not even trying to resolve the issue :woman_shrugging:t2:

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A little update, now Revolut support is trying to convince me my card is a CIRRUS card which they don’t support anymore. From what I read online Mastercard Cirrus can be only used on ATMs. I have a Belgian Maestro card and I have never been told it is a Cirrus card nor have I ever heard about that card before. Revolut customer support says there doesn’t have to be a Cirrus logo on the card :woman_shrugging:t2:. I’ve sent an email to my bank and Mastercard about this but still waiting for an answer although I feel it is such a dumb question and Revolut is just making things up. Does anybody know anything about this?

The most likely reason seems to be that somehow Revolut or one of its third party service providers identifies the card wrongly. Maestro cards that support e-commerce are rare. And since Mastercard phases out Maestro very soon, I am not too optimistic that Revolut is going to invest much into solving this problem. They might if a critical number of customers reports this bug. Who knows.

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Well, Cirrus and Maestro are closely related.
I admit I have no experience with how that works in Belgium so I may be wrong here since there are subtle differences in the implementations all over.

But some Maestro Cards are indeed recognised as Cirrus-only outside their “home country”, I think Italy and Isreal are some countries I encountered that myself that their Maestro Co-branded cards are counted as “Cirrus” for ATM use only international, but that’s just out of the top of my head an I may remember that wrong, it’s bin a while.

Apart from that, what Frank said is correct - just don’t use Maestro anymore, it’s not really meant for online use - in most countries it’s not enabled and the scheme is phased out for good anyways.
Just get another debit card from your bank.


reply to self: Wikipedia at least somewhat confirms what I remembered, just the other way round for Israel, they don’t seem to accept maestro at POS and only as ATM cards or something :slight_smile:
Bad pandemic, not traveling as much as I used to, all fades away sigh

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Mastercard has stitched together various infrastructures for ATM networks to offer their customers better service worldwide for withdrawing cash for all their brands. That’s where Cirrus comes into the picture.

It does not explain why Revolut doesn’t accept e-commerce enabled Maestro cards anymore. The „your card is a Cirrus card“ excuse doesn’t make much sense. But I am not hopeful that Revolut is going to invest a lot of energy into solving this, considering the small number of e-commerce enabled Maestro cards and their end of life status.

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Some weeks ago I tried topping up my Revolut account with Google Pay but I could not finish the top up. I contacted the bank which I use for Google Pay, suspecting issues with my account. I didn’t mention Revolut, the call agent asked “Did you try to top up a Revolut account?” and then said that it was temporarily not possible.

Updating on problem, with the latest Revolut App updates on Android at weekend, the issue is now resolved for VISA Debit Cards. Revolut is back working again for top-ups with VISA. Great. Not sure about Mastercard , worth checking.

It is frustrating because I was able to use this Maestro card without a problem, then all of a sudden I can’t top up and they just keep blaming the bank. Actually, Revolut still says they accept Maestro cards. Funny thing is I made Revolut account when I moved to Belgium because here everyone has Maestro cards and sometimes I wasn’t able to do online purchases on some websites.

Again, just don’t feed your frustration and just get a VISA/mastercard debit from your bank, whatever they offer.
I know that countries like NL/BE still love their maestro cards, but that doesn’t change the fact that it will be phased out. The sooner you adapt, the less frustrated you will be in the near future :slight_smile:

There’s not much more the community here can do for you otherwise.

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I faced a issue with Top-Up into my Revolut account using Handelsbanken with a Mastercard Debit Card. I was facing this issue since 2 months now and customer care told me only recently that it a 3DS authentication issue with banks in Sweden. I tried everything - Reinstall, cleared cache, deleted saved card and re-added it. Nothing worked for me until I read @CelticNomad , I was trying to Top-Up using WiFi and I don’t know why tried it over mobile data and POOF! - It worked.
I hope Revolut can fix this very very weird issue.

Could be an issue with your WiFi provider, have you tried other WiFi networks too and it not work, or just yours?

That would be very interesting. I will try this and come back to you.

Hi everyone :wave:

You can add money to your Revolut account with a card in AUD, BGN, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, HRK, HUF, JPY, NOK, PLN, RON, SEK, USD, ZAR.

We currently support Mastercard® and Visa® cards. Unfortunately, American Express is not supported :slightly_frowning_face:

Hope this helps with your Maestro cards query :r:

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