Maestro top-up in native app



My bank requires me to sign any maestro transaction.
When trying to top-up inside the app I get redirected to a page of my bank to sign the transaction. Here I can choose to use the app of my bank to sign the transaction through a URL-intent or to use my physical card to create a one-time-password.
When using the URL-intent to the native app of my bank it does not open my bank app but it just goes back to the previous page in Revolut giving an error that an error has occured.
Is it possible to properly handle these URL intents in the Android app?



I’m having the same issue here :slight_smile:


As suggested by the in-app support, here are some screenshots from the flow:


Still having the same issue, any chance to get any feedback on it?


This issue still exists.
For the record, it’s not related to Maestro. I have the same problem trying to top up from my Mastercard.