Maestro support


Would be super useful to be able to top up with Maestro! Mine has 17 digits and no CVV…
Even though it has 3D secure, I can’t use it…

The only VISA/MC I have are credit cards, which means:

  • spending limit
  • additional fees


Maestro support is support for debit cards which means all the people who has a Revolut MasterCard because they don’t have a MasterCard or Visa ! It definitely should be in the next upgrade of Revolut


debit VISA and debitMC do not exist in some countries… leaving us with two options: credit card (BUT: has a 1% fee + a maximum spending) or bank transfer (BUT: takes a week)

come on Revolut, make your awesome product even better !


I know but you should agree that most of European countries work with Maestro ! This is an international protocol which is used by millions of people ! In Belgium, nobody can has a credit MasterCard or Visa credit without having any loanes. Furthermore we are taxed for owning a Credit card and makes local people not having a credit card for most. Therefore, Maestro, which is Euorpean, would be great ! I know that Countries like France, all people use credit MasterCard but in Belgium or Netherlands nobody ever use its credit card for common purchases. Maestro is a must in those countries and even more if you are an e-commercant. I’m not sure about the other European countries about the use of their cards but I would extremely be surprised if East Countries used credit cards.


I love Revolut but as a Belgian I cannot use my MC debit in all shops. Please allow people in Belgium to use a maestro card as well. :cry:


@glvingne Revolut does fully support maestro cards. They just need to have CVV, it has nothing to do with it being Maestro and not Visa or Mastercard.

The issue is revolut only accepting cards that have CVV. As an example I have a maestro card with CVV that I’m able to use for top up, however I have a Visa Debit without CVV that I cannot use

As for maestro being popular in “most” of Europe, that’s not true, it’s actually only a half dozen countries in central Europe :grinning:


Actually if you have a personal EEA issued credit card there is no fee if you top up Revolut with it.


Yes but some people want to top-up in CHF, and the only option without fees is Maestro :slight_smile:


If you mean EEA countries (like Czech Republic), we have most modern POS/ATM in EU. You can use mainly all cards for payment everywhere (MC, VISA, Diners, Amex, JCB, …) No limit to obscure Maestro… :slight_smile:


You have the most modern POS/ATM in the EU? I sincerely doubt that…


Why would you have fees with Visa or Mastercard but not Maestro?


You have fees with Credit cards, but not with Debit cards or Maestro cards.


Sure, but thats an issue with credit vs debit, not Maestro vs visa or mastercard


It is your right. We in “east europe” are used to these remarks from our “west” brothers :slight_smile:


Have you been to all other European countries to be able to say that? What makes it better in Czech Republic? What is the ATM functionality? How are the fees? Can you at least withdraw cash without needing to insert a card? Do you have virtual cards as a standard feature in your payments system?



It is not the question. But because we started from nothing, we started the build with most modern technology available.

What do you mean?

Mostly none.

Yes. Mostly we can also put the money to ATM and within minute you have it on your account :slight_smile:

Yes. Virtual cards are standard. Web only banks also (from 2007).


My point is what can actually do that I cant here in Portugal that makes it more advanced. The reason I ask is that just a few years ago there was a large batch of decommissioned Portuguese ATMs that were sent to Czech Republic, so I doubt it’s any more advanced there.

Also the Portuguese payments solutions provider, SIBS has been winning the innovation award for the last 10 straight years given by some international institution that coordinates payment providers worldwide and they love to talk about it. So if eastern Europe is so good why hasn’t anyone ever heard of it?

By ATM functionality, I mean what can you do besides withdrawing cash? Here in Portugal I can do SEPA transfers, pay taxes, charge the phone, buy show tickets and pay just any kind of service. I can also deposit notes or cheques, withdraw money without any card just by entering a password…

POS terminals and ATMs support all the cards, Multibanco, Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Unionpay, JCB and others I don’t even know about. Also the virtual cards exist since 2001 and are totally free and unlimited. And the vast majority of POS terminals support NFC, which seems not to be the case in other countries

Actually, everything is always totally free, no fees or commissions anywhere

Do you really have all that in the Czech Republic and for free? Most countries even for basic functionality such as cash withdrawals charge fees…


I second this.

I buy my train tickets on the ATM, you can even buy fishing permits. I create virtual credit cards whenever I want and as much as I want for both my CGD and ActivoBank accounts. I can even transfer money from bank to bank with no fees and the money is available instantly.

Not to mention you don’t even need the card to withdraw money now, you just open the MBWay app and it gives you a code to withdraw the desired amount, it has saved me a lot of times when I forgot my wallet at home.

A few months ago I was in Madrid and I had a problem paying my hotel room. It was 4 AM and I had a flight in a few hours. The POS would decline my card, I wasn’t even able to withdraw money anyway (later to find out it was a problem with the bank systems). Guess who got my back? MBWay :wink:

But yes, SIBS is right, we have the most advanced ATM system in the world and MBWay is pretty much an app like :r: that is linked to as many bank accounts as the user desires.

Portugal is so ahead of anyone else when it comes to banking. I’m a :r: because of all the additional features and to support a really innovative company but I understand when Portuguese don’t find it worthwhile. I’m praying for :r: to join the Multibanco network and I’ll be a happy man.


Can you share some information about Multibanco network and its advantages? Your post got me quite curious about banking in Portugal :smiley:


Let me answer and maybe @Specter can chip in later.

Firstly, what exactly is Multibanco (MB)? Its a card scheme just like Visa or Mastercard, with the only difference being that it only accepts debit transactions, so there are no MB credit cards. Additionally MB doesn’t have NFC on the cards, their NFC functionality is app based, MBWAY. So the nfc function of a card will always be the international scheme that the card has

Then there’s the fact that virtually all cards issued in Portugal are dual scheme/network cards, MB+ one of the international schemes. They may be MB+Visa, MB+Mastercard, MB+Maestro, MB+AMEX and soon there will be MB+UnionPay.

With credit cards it’s pretty neat because you have debit and credit on the same card. If you pay with MB you’re making a debit transaction, from your current account, if you choose the other option, Visa, MC or AMEX, you’re tapping into the credit line. POS terminals always ask which scheme you want to use for payment. For debit cards choosing one or the other doesn’t make any difference for the user.

Then there’s the way POS terminals work. You have only two payment processors, Unicre and SIBS who also runs the MB network. Both of them work with all the cards, MB, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Unionpay, JCB, AMEX, Discover and others I’ve never even heard of.

With Unicre merchants have to accept all the cards, with the exception of AMEX that merchants can block due to the uncapped fees and most of them do block. With SIBS merchants can either accept only MB or all the cards though there’s still the AMEX exception.

The acceptance of MB only is a hold over from before Visa and MC fees started to be regulated. Nowadays the vast majority of merchants already accept every type of card.

Now, talking about ATMs, when you insert the card into an ATM, it always defaults to MB with Portuguese cards, unlocking a bunch of features, mainly but not only free SEPA transfers, cash and cheque deposits and Multibanco payments. Multibanco payments is a payment system that let’s you pay all kinds of stuff but I won’t delve into that here.

Finally there’s MBWAY. It’s an app such as masterpass (from mastercard) that brings together and works with all your cards. It let’s you create free and unlimited virtual and disposable cards. Those cards are Mastercard or Visa and that functionality existed before being combined into MBWAY since 2001.

MBWAY is phone number based, meaning that at any ATM or through your online banking you associate your card with your phone number and the app uses your phone number as your login, so to speak. You can add as many card to your number as you want. That explanation to say you can do MBWAY transfers, they work a bit like revolut to Revolut (peer to peer) transfers, you just insert someone’s number and they’ll receive the money instantly.

You can use MBWAY to withdraw cash at any ATM without card. You choose the amount in the app and the app gives you a code, you just go to any ATM, press the green button, insert that code and the money comes out. It’s very useful when you can’t do an MBWAY transfer because the other person doesn’t use MBWAY, you just give them the withdrawal code and the person can just go to an ATM and immediately get the cash.

Finally there’s MBWAY payments. For online purchases you just insert your phone number on the merchant’s website and receive a notification in the app to confirm. It’s the easiest online payment method I’ve ever used. For purchases in physical stores, it works with NFC, just like android or apple pay. It’s the reason MB doesn’t have NFC in cards, they’re trying to move ahead directly to app based payments and sidesteping cards entirely.

All the stuff I mentioned is completely free of any fees, with the only exception being MBWAY transfers where banks (the issuer of the card you’re using for the transfer) can set a fee if they want. Some of them do, others don’t

And that was a damn long post :grinning: