Maestro not issued phased out in the Netherlands

I’ve asked Revolut for a Maestro card. However, I was told that Maestro is disappearing or has disappeared and is being replaced by Mastercard. I now have a Mastercard, but it’s not recognized anywhere in the Netherlands. This has been an issue in the past and still persists. The card works because I recently used it abroad. I checked with my other bank, and they are phasing out Maestro, replacing current debit cards with Mastercards. Why doesn’t my Revolut Mastercard work in the Netherlands?


Mastercard decided to stop issuing Maestro branded cards worldwide and replace it with Mastercard Debit. Card acceptance in the Netherlands depends on merchants. It’s alone their decision which cards to accept. Banks in the Netherlands don’t issue Maestro cards anymore as well. Some of them, like ING, issue VPay cards instead. But for how long? Visa announced 2019 that they’re phasing out Vpay gradually.


Would have been a nice transition plan if Mastercard allowed to issue dual mode cards with Mastercard debit and maestro functionality.

Primary application/function on the card would be Mastercard debit, but having the maestro was a second option during the phase out period, at least for Netherlands and Germany where maestro was strong and on most places the only card accepted.

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at the moment, only about 5% merchants do not accept MasterCard. the rest does.

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Maestro was never „strong“ in in Germany. Girocard was and still is. Girocards were double branded with Maestro or Vpay, which allowed customers to use their cards abroad. Sparkasse, the largest provider of current accounts in Germany, started issuing new cards where Maestro was replaced with Mastercard Debit. The new cards are now Girocard + Mastercard or Visa Debit.

The situation in the Netherlands is different. They shut down their national debit card scheme PIN. PIN was replaced with Maestro and Vpay. Merchants not accepting new debit cards from Mastercard and Visa simply ignored the transitioning phase. We are at the end of the transitioning phase right now, not at the beginning. The transitioning phase started 2021 with Mastercard’s announcement to end Maestro, and stopped in July 2023 when Mastercard would not allow any bank to issue new Maestro cards.

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As dumb as it sounds, Revolut has no option here. Mastercard simply stopped Maestro issuance. And Visa is heavily discouraging VPay issuance too so that road would be dead on arrival.

Merchants are supposed to accept Mastercard Debit cards where Maestro was previously accepted, but it has been a rocky road. I really hope things change next month when it becomes fully impossible to even get a new Maestro card. The slow adoption is harrowing, but once again unfortunately nothing Revolut can do about it.
You’ll have to wait it out.


@ianto Hello :wave:

I understand your frustration. Unfortunately, the changes to Maestro and VPay are beyond Revolut’s control. :frowning_face: We’re working to ensure smooth transitions for users and hope the situation improves. Hang tight!

Veda | Community team

@Veda.Ramesh Oh please don’t worry. I wast just clarifying that this issue is on merchants and Mastercard itself but Revolut can’t actually do anything to fix something that’s out of their hands. Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

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As a follow on to this topic seems the anti revolut sentiment in NL isn’t limited to ‘normal’ cards. Last night my family was left stranded in Amsterdam because Budget rent a car wouldn’t accept a Revolut CREDIT card to pay the deposit (insurance excess) on the car. It’s the first and only time I have faced that issue anywhere in the world (I travel a lot). I think what’s happened here is that the front line staff were told at some point ‘don’t accept revolut’ and have never been informed that a credit card even exists. Any other users be warned!

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Revolut credit cards are very rare, I can see that this unfortunately causes acceptance problems like this.

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They just saw the revolut card and refused it :scream:

Here in Brazil I only saw something like this with Amex cards because they have a higher fee.

I’m still waiting for the revolut credit card to arrive in Brazil, I have seen a lot of revolut ads on X but without a credit card and usable BRL balance to be available, it will have a hard time to compete with Wise, nomad, Avenue and some traditional banks that are also offering USD/Euro accounts.