Maestro for Google Pay in Germany


How did you do this I’m always getting a “Bestätigung erfordlich” within the Google pay app…


As always, GPay is still in beta. It could work for you , but it doesn’t need to. They will add more and more BINS / Cards over time. All you can do is to wait :smile:


In the Netherlands Maestro is also much better accepted.

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Can a couple of you who have been able to add their Revolut Maestro-card to GooglePay tell their bin (first 8 digits)?

Bin of my Maestro-card is 6798 3537, but I am not able to add my card to GooglePay :frowning_face:.

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It is not the same as my card has. Maybe there’s just some difference between NL and DE.
Card is from 03/2018.

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I guess the problem might in first case be that in NL you cannot use GPay for in-store and contacless.


I am already using GooglePay in the Netherlands with Mastercard. But since Maestro acceptance is much better in the Netherlands I would like that to work too.


Google Pay announced in Switzerland today and I successfully linked my :revolut: Maestro Card with Google Pay. Thanks Revolut for that.

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I envy you as it doesn’t work with my Maestro

Edit: 2 days later it worked without issues