Maestro for Google Pay in Germany

How did you do this I’m always getting a “Bestätigung erfordlich” within the Google pay app…

As always, GPay is still in beta. It could work for you , but it doesn’t need to. They will add more and more BINS / Cards over time. All you can do is to wait :smile:

In the Netherlands Maestro is also much better accepted.

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Can a couple of you who have been able to add their Revolut Maestro-card to GooglePay tell their bin (first 8 digits)?

Bin of my Maestro-card is 6798 3537, but I am not able to add my card to GooglePay :frowning_face:.

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It is not the same as my card has. Maybe there’s just some difference between NL and DE.
Card is from 03/2018.

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I guess the problem might in first case be that in NL you cannot use GPay for in-store and contacless.

I am already using GooglePay in the Netherlands with Mastercard. But since Maestro acceptance is much better in the Netherlands I would like that to work too.

Google Pay announced in Switzerland today and I successfully linked my :revolut: Maestro Card with Google Pay. Thanks Revolut for that.

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I envy you as it doesn’t work with my Maestro

Edit: 2 days later it worked without issues

Just added my Revolut Maestro to Google Pay and (nosily) inspected it using Cardpeek to get some technical details. I saw that in Google Pay, a Service Code of 201 is being used while the physical card has 221. The ‘2’ in the second place of that code means that authorizations always have to be done online which seams reasonable to avoid spending more than you have in your account. But in Google Pay, the ‘0’ would allow for offline transactions (at least if the terminal generally allows that, e.g. in case of connectivity loss). Also, I have another card in Google Pay that uses Service Code 221. So it would be possible to use the same Service Code as on the physical card. Does anyone have details on this? Would it be possible to do offline authorizations using Google Pay or are there other (EMV) mechanisms in place that would block those despite the Service Code? Even then, I could think of an offline Contactless MagStripe Mode transaction in the US for example. Ok, that last one might be rare but I think it would be possible.

Is it still the case you cannot add it?
It’s the same number for me, also from NL :frowning:.
I only have another virtual Visa that I can set up in Google Pay, however not to pay in stores with.

Yep, the Dutch Revolut Maestro card can not be added to Google Pay.

Too bad, still waiting for Revolut to enable this on the Dutch maestro card.

There are tons of such merchants around Munich. The following ones I found:

  • Two different swimming pools (Südbad and Westbad).
  • A haircutter in Schwabing.
  • A DHL/post office in Schwabing.

It’s a very common thing. The cool thing is, Revolut maestro works fine with Google Pay :slight_smile:

Hi there :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s very good to read you all. I’m happy the Maestro card works well with GPay. Can I ask you if it’s common for you to find places that wouldn’t accept VISA/Mastercard but they accept Maestro?

Also, do you bring your Maestro card when you travel outside of Germany? Does it work fine abroad?

Please, I’m very interested on how you use Revolut cards in Germany so any suggestion or idea is welcome.

In the Netherlands this is the rule rather than the exception.

In the Netherlands it works great!

It’s getting a bit better in Germany, acceptance of Visa and MC is quite common in supermarkets and large chains in general.
However, smaller restaurants will refuse to take anything except for Maestro or VPay.

It’s more important in the Netherlands tho, even in Amsterdam there are still so many places that won’t accept MC/Visa, including large supermarkets like Plus or Albert Heijn.

Google Pay with German Revolut Maestro works really well in both countries.

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Yes, right above your post I gave some examples. I’m living in Munich and there are lots of places that accept Maestro but not Mastercard or Visa. I have so far only found single marchant (and that’s actually ~1.5 years ago, no idea about today) that did not accept Maestro but only the German Girocard.

Yes, I would use Maestro as default everywhere. I think it’s always cheaper for the merchant, so why not be nice to them (if it’s accepted of course)? Also the additional “credit fee” for credit cards that merchants pay is absurd when it comes to Revolut as all cards function like debit cards (given interest rates of almost 20% that customers already pay for traditional credit cards this fee is questionable for other cards as well).


May I ask how you got your Maestro card working in GPay? My MasterCard works fine, but when I add my Maestro card I get an “this card can not be used for in-store payments” error.

Looking at your username and your previous post (November 2019), it looks like you are from the Netherlands. Dutch Revolut Maestro-cards don’t work for in-store payments on GooglePay.
You were probably able to add your Revolut MasterCard because it is quite old and doesn’t have a Dutch BIN yet, so it is recognised as a UK MasterCard. When your current MasterCard expires, your replacement card will have a Dutch BIN and can not be used for in-store payments through GooglePay.

If you do have a German address in your Revolut account and are unable to add your German Maestro-card to GooglePay, I would suggest you contact support, because this should be possible without any issues and without doing anything ‘special’.