Maestro card for UK users?


I heard that revolut has maestro cards now. How can I get one?
I opened my Revolut account when I lived in the UK but moved back to Germany now. And Maestro is mainly used here.
Do I need to change my account to a German one?

Sorry if that’s a stupid question.

Have a good day

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check premium account.

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From curiosity who use maestro anymore? I had one 5 years ago only for pos transections, totally useless to online purchases.


In mainland Europe it is quite popular, usually not for online transactions though.


Funnily here in Germany Maestro is the default way if paying. Most shops/businesses just accept them but not Credit cards (like visa or MC). While I can use my Revolut card for online purchases I can’t really use it for shopping (most of the time ). Hence a Maestro card would be useful. :slight_smile:

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Is maestro offered with Premium?

It is still the most accepted card in Belgium. I would consider going to a premium account, if that was the case. I didn’t find in the specs of a Premium account.,though.

I have heard some people here do have a Maestro Card or the possibility of ordering one.

I’m from Portugal and here Maestro is the most used as well.

Still didn’t understand how you can order one.
Seems like German, Belgium and Dutch people are all able to order them.

Waiting for the Live agent to give me an answer.

As I’m not able to order a Maestro card from within the app, I suspect the option is only available for uers who live in a country where Maestro cards are popular. For me, living in Norway, I’ve never come across a place that dosen’t accept either VISA or MasterCard.

After doing some investigative research (Reading on Wikipedia) it seems to me that most countries have moved away from Maestro and over to MasterCard. In what countries is it that Maestro is useful, where VISA/MasterCard is not?

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Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal.

Especially Netherlands and Germany where they almost use Maestro exclusively.

Here in Portugal, merchants who accept card payments, 100% accept Maestro (Debit Card) and I’d say 50%-60% MasterCard & Visa (Credit Card). That’s unfortunately the reason I’m still not able to use my Revolut card on my day to day life.

Revolut is steadily becoming popular here in Portugal so, if right now only Germany, Dutch and Belgium people are able to order Maestro Cards, we’d love to see Portugal being included on that list.

That would also probably convince me on going Premium.

Got this answer from the app chat:

For the time being only users from Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Netherlands are eligible for the Maestro cards.

Getting Maestro is wishful thinking, when we can’t even choose between MC and Visa yet.

Not true at all! In Portugal Maestro,Visa and MC are accepted equally.

Don’t forget all debit cards in Portugal are dual network, Multibanco/Maestro, Multibanco/Visa or Multibanco/MC.

When in Portugal you are pretty much only using Multibanco, the other international network of the card is for international and online use

In Portugal merchants either aceept Multibanco and all the cards or Multibanco only. So you won’t have any better acceptance by having a Maestro Revolut card. You would only have better acceptance from revolut if it had Multibanco

Santander banks in Portugal issue Mastercards…does it support Multibanco as well?

Of course it does. Can you imagine the amount of complaints if it didn’t? People wouldn’t be able to do Multibanco payments, to use Via Verde or pay tolls at all as it all relies on Multibanco, or even to pay at post offices, just to give a few examples

The way it works in Portugal is that merchants accept only Multibanco or all the cards. That’s why the Revolut card being Visa or Maestro or MC changes nothing in terms of acceptance. Whats missing is Multibanco

Hhmm… Ok.
So we’ll never be able to use the Revolut card everywhere, right?

Probably not… There was an interview months ago in “o observador” with Revolut’s GM for Portugal and Spain where they mentioned exploring the possibility of issuing Multibanco cards for Portuguese users, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Especially when you take into account MBWAY duplicates a lot of Premium Revolut features for free and with less restrictions