Made a mess with Dual SIM phone


I’ll try to explain briefly:
Signed up with NO1 and got a physical card.
Then did a hard reset but I thought I used NO2, which I used to log in and everything seemed fine.
Then I noticed my balance in CHF was gone (and was thinking to report a complaint). I topped up EUR, changed into CHF… and realized my mistake.

Now I am trying to send the CHF from NO2 (logged with NO2) to NO1, but I get “Money transfer failed”.
Any clue?


Hey @giogio :slight_smile:

I’m guessing it’s due to verification problems. I guess the easiest solution would be getting in touch with the in-app support team typing live agent through the live chat option after clicking the Support button in the More tab of the app :wink:


…but I can’t wait 2h for the live agent!
Can’t they solve it “offline”?


Hey @giogio :slight_smile:

For offline problem solving, please refer to this address
Revolut Limited
Level 39, One Canada Square
E14 5AB London, United Kingdom

This was intended to be respectfully ironical but I failed.


Snail mail???
Can’t believe it!!!:roll_eyes:


If you can’t wait 2hrs,then in chat explain your issues in detail. Agent will catch up,and might sort it out pretty quick.


Hey again @giogio :slight_smile:

If you can’t wait for those two hours, you can also try pinging :r: through Twitter:

to see if they can speed things up :wink:

You can also sign up for :r: premium to receive priority support for an affordable price and cancel if you’re not satisfied :crown: