MAD transactions showing up as USD


Do you know why MAD transaction show as USD at the time of transaction, and a few days later converts to MAD using USD MAD conversion rate of the settlement date instead of EUR MAD exchange rate of the transaction date.

This creates a problem, especially when the settlement date is on the weekend, and MAD exchange rate on the weekend is very bad.


Morocco end up using my EUR account and not my MAD

I noticed that too. But I think that’s the way it works with MAD. I made an online transaction for 130 MAD using another card. The transaction showed up in USD only to be converted to MAD after 2-3 days.

So I think this has to do with the currency itself, rather than with Revolut.


Did it convert to you using the fx rate of the transaction date, or the fx rate of the settlement date?


That generally would have something to do with the merchants PDQ machines. This happens in some stores in Japan and some other Asian countries and can’t be helped by Revolut.


It sounds like some kind of dynamic currency conversion, whereby the merchant doesn’t charge your card with the currency and amount that you authorised, but a different currency and amount, often 3% to 7% more. Check the receipt and see if there’s any mention of USD on there. If you authorised a MAD amount, then dispute the transaction with Revolut (the same goes for any other card issuer) on the basis that the currency and amount charged by the merchant was not what you authorised according to the receipt.