LT-IBAN still working?

Time ago we received a LT-IBAN which later was replaced with the GB-IBAN on the Euro account.
The LT-IBAN is gone, but does it still work?

Hi there,

It is still available, please get in touch with support if you would like to activate it.


Hi Jessica,
Had a chat with Katarzyna and she wrote the LT-IBAN doesn’t work anymore. That’s different from your awnser.

Can you tell me how your process worked. I’m likely to be in a similar situation. I was using LT iban and will switch to FR. I wonder if I will be able to switch back to LT.

If usernames start with „anon“, it usually means a users asked for his account to be deleted or anonymised. This is an old thread from 2017. The user you’ve contacted hasn’t logged in here since 2018.

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