Loyalty Scheme


Hi, how about a loyalty scheme either similar to nectar points etc…?


Sure but only for premium


Why? Can you give your reasoning for this request?


Because all programms on any card have fees

Tell me one free card (no annual fee and no APR) that have a loyalty scheme


I completely agree with @Myabou there has to be something to incentivise users to upgrade to Revlout Premium.


You cant do all for free think on the stakeholders (investors on seedrs, stockholder, Revolut as Company)

For Example
Amex MR has a 25$ fee on the cheaper and everyday card.
And you can pay card fees with the loyalty program.
Means Amex earn and if you spend enough both (user and amex earn)


True, but I’ve never really understood why certain credit cards have fees (in relation to the loyalty programmes.).

I understand that the fees are used to cover things like a 24/7 concierge service, airport lounge access, …, but don’t understand why it’s necessary for loyalty scheme programmes in particular.

Surely loyalty programmes are good for the bank itself (therefore no need for a fee.), since the more transactions a customer does, the more fees that the bank gets.

Therefore a loyalty scheme (Most likely provided via third-party partners.) for both standard Revolut customers, and Revolut Premium customers, make sense.

To incentivise people to upgrade to Revolut Premium, rather than having a zero sum situation where it’s ‘Premium for loyalty scheme or nothing’, perhaps a system like this would work:

-Standard Revolut customer: 1x loyalty point multiplier.
-Revolut Premium customer: 1.5x loyalty point multiplier (With 2x at participating merchants, who are part of the ‘Pay with Revolut’ network.).


It is not only the annual fee it is also the APR
Youre idea about multplier sounds really intresting. Sounds a bit as AmEx.
1x For all purchase
2x for restaurant
5x for hotel and flights

Instead of a loyalty scheme a bonus scheme like fidor would be intresting.


you get in 500 salary every month and dont use a ATM you get 2 Euro.

you get a 1000 Euro on youre account every month you get 2 euro

(There are much more)


True, but Revolut as of now does not offer any credit card products. Therefore, if a loyalty scheme is introduced, it will be paired with its debit card offering.

In relation to the multiplier, that would be a good way to incentivise people to upgrade to Revolut Premium (1x compared to 1.5x/2x.).

Fidor’s bonus scheme sounds excessively complicated. In addition, given how Fidor is a fully-regulated retail bank (In the sense that they can have access to the customer’s deposits, and use it for business loans.), it makes sense as to why they want their customers to park their money with Fidor.

Situation with Revolut is slightly different. Due to its status as an eMoney institution, it does not have access to customer funds. All customer funds are held in a ringfenced account in one of its partner banks. The way that Revolut makes money is per transaction, the subscription fee for Revolut Premium, and the commission from auxiliary services like Revolut Credit, Revolut Insurance and Revolut Wealth.

Therefore such a activity-based bonus scheme (based off of non-usage of the ATM functions.) doesn’t make sense.


Without ATM non usage Revolut would save money or im wrong?


Adding thoughts - gamification would be interesting to investigate for your loyalty program. Hence this would help to increase:

  1. Usage
  2. Upgrade
  3. Partnership with merchant


I feel this could become way more interesting once Revolut gets their banking license.

They could offer a bonus for receiving the salary on Revolut (like Fidor) which could motivate people to use Revolut as their main bank account.

Also the first 1/2 cards could be offered for free for those people as well.